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FF5 FF5 Nightshade

FF5 Nighshade

Flower Formula Ff5 Nightshade "Imu.ACE" supports emotional turmoil especially when one is frightened or unable to put one's thoughts into perspective. valuable for angry frustrated babies and children especially when they are in pain.


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FF5 Nighshade

The Solanaceae, or nightshades, are an economically important family of flowering plants. The family ranges from annual and perennial herbs to vines, lianas, epiphytes, shrubs, and trees, and includes a number of important agricultural crops, medicinal plants, spices, weeds, and ornamentals. Many members of the family contain potent alkaloids, and some are highly toxic, but many cultures eat nightshades, in some cases as staple foods. The family belongs to the order Solanales, in the asterid group dicotyledons (Magnoliopsida).[2] The Solanaceae consists of about 98 genera and some 2,700 species,[3] with a great diversity of habitats, morphology and ecology.

The name Solanaceae derives from the genus Solanum, "the nightshade plant". The etymology of the Latin word is unclear. The name may come from a perceived resemblance of certain solanaceous flowers to the sun and its rays. At least one species of Solanum is known as the "sunberry". Alternatively, the name could originate from the Latin verb solari, meaning "to soothe", presumably referring to the soothing pharmacological properties of some of the psychoactive species of the family.

The family has a worldwide distribution, being present on all continents except Antarctica. The greatest diversity in species is found in South America and Central America.


The Nightshade family of flowers holds a special place in healing since it is the family that provides many vegetable foods such as potato and tomato. These foods are responsible for enabling the body to ward off bacteria attack due to their anti-oxidant properties. They nourish the body and enable the production of a vital co- enzyme. Ubiquinone, also referred to as Co enzyme Q10, is essential for the transport of oxygen. Depletion of this vital enzyme can lead to bacterial conditions and cancer.

The first structural area of the body to manifest bacterial decay is the teeth. This formula is particularly valuable for little children who are teething. They may change from happy serenity to hot cross babies who have tantrums and feel hysterical.

Trauma: Changing from calm serenity to becoming hot cross, angry and hysterical, oppressed by angry thoughts about a situation or another person which are difficult to put into perspective.



Immune system and ANS,

Assimilation of Vitamins which have anti-oxidant properties such as Vit A C and E,

Temper tantrums, Hot cross babies,

Teething, Helps to support babies when they undergo Measles vaccine, Supports healthy teeth, mouth and gums,

Natural probiotic,

Supports the elimination of heavy metals,

Assimilation of Germanium and Selenium, Formation and uptake of Co Enzyme Q10


The following Flower Essences are contained in the formula :

BLACK NIGHTSHADE Solanum Nigrum Solanaceae


Emotional level: Happy, calm and rational Oppressed by irrational thoughts which are difficult to put into perspective. Obsessed by angry thoughts about another person or situation.

Antidote: Tomatoes, potatoes and all the solanaceae family of vegetables such as red and green peppers, capsicum and chilli. Measles.

ELDERFLOWER Sambucus Nigra


Emotional level; Tolerant and well grounded.

Trauma: Mood swings and manic depressive. Spiritual: Protects against evil, and brings good luck.

Antidote: Candida albicans, Coxsackie A7. Herbal properties: This flower has been well documented throughout the centuries, as a valuable herbal remedy for fever, rheumatism, catarrh and as an eye wash and skin tonic.

MARITIME CAMPION Silene Maritima Francineacae


Emotional level: Fair and straight and very honourable.

Trauma: Resentful and jealous. Angry with the world, feels that everything is unjust and that the world owes one something. Very jealous and will often resent people who are better off. Very grasping and will often allow friends to foot the bill. Mean and ungiving. Feelings of rejection and being unloved as a child. Will often suffer from sibling rivalry and jealousy.

Spiritual Level; Spiritual equality.


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'The Institute of Phytobiophysics has produced a range of FIVE unique Vibrational plant formulas which support and normalize the body’s own innate immune system. They support emotions and are not intended to treat or cure any medical condition'


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