Re-balance your body and mind with the energy of plants and flowers

About Phytobiophysics

There is a clear and scientific understanding about the concept of energy medicine in relation to the nervous system, body physiology and the complex cellular processes involved with every day life.  Everything vibrates on a specific frequency. That disease patterns can be restored efficiently, using the infinite energy of plants to heal and sustain humanity, is certainly not a new science . By encouraging the body’s own innate healing powers, plants hold the key to bringing about balance and harmony on a deep and powerful level. It is our belief that all disease stems from a sickness of the soul.  Flower Essences vibrate on the frequency of colour. They are vibrational and contain no toxic substance. They never do harm and support us on the highest spiritual level, enlightening our hearts and souls. It is therefore no wonder that they offer such spectacular healing.

The Mission statement of the Institute of Phytobiophysics®: To bring affordable health care to the people of the world using the infinite vibrational energy of plants. Restoring balance and harmony on all levels of consciousness:

Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical.

Introduction to Vibrational Medicine Phytobiophysics

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Anthony and Diana offer comprehensive support through diagnostic, investigations such as Bio Well and Live Blood analysis as well as personal consultations for emotional and physical issues.

Unique and profoundly powerful structural therapies are also offered such as Live Jump leading spiritual release therapy and structural Podo Rhacidian Treatment. Lymphatic drainage Treatment and Live blood analysis

For those people who cannot attend the clinics Diana offers personal Postal consultations.

For more information see "How to do a postal Consultation" in articles.

Jersey Monday 8th July to Sunday 14th July 2024 inc Phytobiophysics Training Course

Jersey Monday 8th July to Sunday 14th July 2024 inc Phytobiophysics Training Course

Jersey July 8th to 12th inc Intermediate Course

Podo-Rhacidian Therapy  Saturday 13th & 14th July 2024

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Behind Their Noble faces

Behind Their Noble faces

if you love Horses this is the most beautiful self published book, a study by Sandra Reeves who has spent her life caring for Horses.

Sandra is an Equine practitioner and uses the Phytobiophysics Formulas to support her beloved horses.

This stunning and informative book is a treasure that you will value for the rest of your life. Available from Sandra's own website.

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How To Do a Postal Consultation

For patients who cannot attend a clinic for a consultation Diana Offers a postal consultation

For the first full postal consultation, the cost is £100 inclusive of two to three personalised remedies. These are made up from test kits that are devised by the analysis and are made up specifically for you. The consultation is done in two phases. The first phase is an in-depth analysis of the DNA and RNA [Hair and Saliva] in order to discover the underlying journey and patterns of life that conspire to create the presenting symptoms. [The Cause of the problem] this is referred to as The Heart Lock Theory.

The second phase of the consultation is to devise a Phytobiophysics treatment protocol with the required Flower Formulas and nutritional advice.

 For more information please click on the link  Postal Consultation 


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"With so many different energies, and I tried everything to keep me more earthed and to make me calmer and more relaxed, but Diana’s formulas are the only thing that has worked. It has given me such a sense of wellbeing. I feel so much stronger."
Jodie Kidd