Diana Mossop

About Diana Mossop

The daughter of a pioneering farmer, Diana was born in Nyasaland, Africa in 1947. She and her sisters had an idyllic early childhood in the wilds of the African bush, 100 miles from the nearest neighbours, she was nursed and looked after by African tribesmen and taught from an early age the extraordinary healing powers of herbs and plants.

"My Mission is to bring affordable, ethical and effective medicine, using the natural healing power of plants, to the children of the world, not just my children but all children, in my life time."
Diana Mossop

Diana Mossop has a fascinating story to tell of how a life long study of wild flowers led to creating an astounding new healing philosophy

At the age of five her family returned to the very rural post war landscape of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Jersey is renowned for its beauty and wild natural flora.

Diana was commissioned as an Officer in the WRAC in 1966 and served mostly in the Far East. By the age of 24 she was promoted to Captain and was appointed as Commanding Officer of the WRAC in Hong Kong. At this time she was the youngest serving Captain in the British army. However romance struck and she married, Nigel Mossop, a British officer in the 7th Gurkha Rifles and spent several more years in the Far East. It was whilst she was living in Papua New Guinea, Borneo and Hong Kong that she became fascinated by Anthropology and eastern medicine. However after the birth of her second son Anthony Mossop, [who has followed in her footsteps and is now a leading practitioner and lecturer of the Mossop philosophy,] she sadly fell ill with a mysterious tropical disorder. She returned home to seek western medical help. Unfortunately her treatment consisted of many months of frustrating attempts to discover what the cause of her illness was - culminating in an unnecessary operation.

It was at this stage that Diana realised that she had a deep spiritual calling and a need to return to her childhood roots of natural medicine. As is so often the case, having been disillusioned with conventional medicine she set about to investigate natural medicine and it was at this stage that she started to investigate means of natural healing and organic nutrition. Using this knowledge she made a spectacular recovery and immediately set about studying and researching in earnest, the disparate cultures and medicine of the Far East, many of them centuries old. During this time she found that plants had extraordinary healing powers which if properly harnessed could solve the many problems of modern society.

When Diana returned to Jersey in 1980 she set about to formalise her knowledge. She attended numerous courses on Nutrition, Iridology, neuroptics, cosmetology, Colour therapy, polarity therapy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and EAV diagnostic techniques, both in England, Europe and the Far East. Diana Started to research in earnest, searching for answers to the many health problems which were presented to her and which apparently had no cure.

At this stage frustrated with the inability to treat many serious problems she started to research the energetic, Vibrational and colour aspect of plants. In the early 1980s Diana realised that she had a calling and a mission and the beginning of the Phytobiophysics Mossop Philosophy started to form in her mind. Her interest in Alternative Medicine took her to Sri Lanka where she worked in the local hospitals where she had access to the path labs, and it was here that she started to research the relationship with the plants and the various medical conditions. She was invited to become a guest lecturer at the Open International University and quickly built up a formidable reputation for her knowledgeable approach to the health problems of the world. She was honoured with a Visiting Professorship.

Diana is a deeply thoughtful person and the more she studied health problems the more she realised that a fundamental cause of illness lay in unhappiness. It has long been understood that Flower essences offer help on an emotional level but Diana was dissatisfied with the transient nature of the healing aspect of Flower essences and the lack of scientific evidence. She was convinced that the Vibrational energy of plants, when properly harnessed and researched, held the secret to healing the physical manifestation of emotional trauma.

Both her sons travelled abroad and collected flower essences from the remote mountains of Nepal, the planes of India to the Andes, the jungles of Pahang in Malaysia and the forests of Peru and the Amazon.  Many of these flower essences have been collected from such rare plants that they have never been properly documented.

By researching the effects of these thousands of essences on all the acupuncture points she has been able to compile a fascinating data bank of information. Diana found that specific emotions disturbed specific acupuncture points. By using the correct flower essence on these specific acupuncture points they are instantly restored to normal, thereby proving that emotions create physical repercussions in the body, once this physical aberration is corrected vibrationally, the emotional trauma also stabilises, thereby proving a vital link.

She wrote her first book in 1984 called The Power of Plants. This book is an in-depth pharmacopoeia of the Vibrational power of the essence of Jersey hedgerow plants and a hundred of these essences have formed the 100 Hedgerow Elemental essences which are used by practitioners world wide to investigate their patient’s emotional pain and the repercussions on the physical plane.

The most beautiful 1/2hr film called the essence of Life has been produced and it possible to watch this film from the Phytobiophysics website home page.

This was the beginning of Professor Dame Diana’s remarkable journey to creating her Powerful Mossop Philosophy and the fulfilment of her mission.