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FF10 FF10 Nicotiana

FF10 Nicotiana

FF10 Nicotiana breathe of life is a very important formula to enable one to forgive the people who have hurt you. forgiveness is very hard when people have been cruel. Rejection and cruelty are very destructive and often impact on one's breathing


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FF10 Nicotiana
  • Other common names flowering tobacco

  • SynonymsNicotiana sylvestris 'Only the Lonely'

  • Family Solanaceae

  • GenusNicotiana can be annuals, biennials, perennials or shrubs, with simple, alternate leaves and tubular or salver-shaped, often fragrant flowers borne in racemes or panicles in summer or autumn

  • DetailsN. sylvestris is a branching, upright biennial to 1.5m, with a basal rosette of elliptic dark green leaves to 30cm in length, and a compact panicle of sweetly fragrant, salver-shaped white flowers to 9cm in length in summer 


Green is a vital colour for enhancing the immune system but above all green is the colour of love. The Nicotiana person is vibrant, active and sporty with a great love of life, fresh air and freedom.

Nicotiana is valuable to ease the hurt of rejection and betrayal by loved ones. This pain often leads to loss of self worth and a need to smoke. Bitterness and an inability to forgive leads to difficulties with breathing and lays one open to breakdown of the immune system.

Nicotiana is a powerful plant which has the capacity to restore peace of mind, a sense of love and forgiveness and recovery from the hurt. It increases self worth and promotes a forgiving nature which then enables one to recover.



'Breath of Life', Love, Forgiveness,

The Lung Meridian, Rejection, Betrayal, Inability to forgive and forget, Self worth and pride,

Perfectionist, Sportsmanship: enhances breathing and oxygenation, Pranic breathing and Yoga, Supports children when they have difficulty with breathing and are therefore unable to play sport which leads to isolation and loss of confidence,

Love and respect for nature, Eases grief of rejection,

On the quest for spiritual enlightenment, Searching for a mission and purpose, Spiritual directions,

Antidotes atmospheric pollution, Antidotes cytoxic chemicals and inhaled drugs, Antidotes marajuana and cigarettes,

 Assimilation of Vitamin B2 and essential Amino acids l-Leucine - l-Isoleucine and l-Glycine


The following Flower Essences are contained in the formula :

NICOTIANA (TOBACCO) Nicotonia Affinis Solanaceae


Physical Level: atmospheric pollution, Smoking, nicotine, chemically induced lung disorders, cytoxic drugs, farm chemicals and all forms of drug taking which involve breathing such as Cannabis Sativa, Marijuana (pot, hashish grass, weed.)

Emotional Level: Free spirit, perfectionist, active, vibrant and confidant.

Trauma: Loss of confidence, lack of self worth. Shy, embittered and self absorbed. Inability to forgive and recover from rejection Spiritual Level: Wisdom and thanksgiving. Love and respect for the environemnet

An Ancient Legend of The Cherokee American Indian Tribe. In times past, humans lived in harmony with nature. Animals, plants and humans spoke the same language and humans only hunted for food to satisfy their needs, always offering prayers of thanksgiving and reverence. However, as time went on humans became greedy and selfish and started to rob the environment, stealing the plants for gain and killing the animals for sport and pleasure. They forgot to thank the animals and they forgot their prayers. The Bear Tribe who were the chief among the animals called a meeting and they decided that the humans had to be punished. The bears suggested that they strike back with bows and arrows but this would have required a great sacrifice as the sinews of the bow would require that one of the bears gave up his life. The Deer Tribe offered another solution. They decided that they would bring disease into the world. Each animal would be responsible for a different ailment and when the humans forgot their prayers and lived out harmony with the environment they would fall sick. The Deer invoked arthritis and all the other animals invoked other illness. The plant tribe were more sympathetic to the humans and felt that this was too harsh a punishment so they offered to help. They said that for every disease a human could get, one of them would be available to heal them. In this way humans would be able to regain their harmony and balance if they used their intelligence and lived in accordance with the laws of the planet. One plant in particular spoke out. This was the Chief of the plants, Tobacco (Nicotiana). He said ‘I will be the sacred herb. I will not cure any particular disease, but I will help humans return to the sacred way of life, provided that I am only smoked or offered with prayers of thanskgiving. If I am misused I will cause cancer, the worst disease of all.’

BRAMBLE Rubus Fructiosis


Emotional level: Very loyal and will always be counted on to be a good friend, very sweet natured.

Trauma: Emotional stress related to betrayal. The betrayed. The victim of someone who is betraying your trust. The person who needs this harmoniser, although sweet natured and loyal can turn around and lash out with an unexpected stinging attack when crossed.

Spiritual level: Spiritual hypocrisy, religious duty.

GRASS FLOWER Agrostis Stolonifera Gramineae


Trauma: Low self-esteem, anxiety, lacking in confidence and requiring an emotional prop.

Emotional level: Sweet-natured and wistful.

Spiritual level: On the quest for spiritual enlightenment. The disciple seeking spiritual guidance.

COW PARSLEY (Hogs weed]) Anthriscus Sylvestris Umbelliferae


Emotional level: Sensitive and caring. Ambitious. Very capable and talented with the capacity to succeed in many paths in life. Trauma: Tactless, insensitive and neglectful of responsibilities. Unable to find true direction in life and is somewhat aimless

Advice: Ask for and accept spiritual guidance. Have faith, accepting that you are following a predestined course through life and that what is meant will take place.

Spiritual level: A person who has a mission in life but who finds it difficult to know how to fulfil this calling.

PENNYWORT Navel-wort Umbilicus rupestris Crassulaceae Emotional level: Compassionate, cheerful and serene, regretful, forgiving and motivated.

Apathetic and resigned, introverted with a low self esteem, full of self-pity.

Spiritual level: Spiritual cleansing.

Advice: Breathing exercises and yoga. Pennywort is valuable as it has the effect of amplifying the strength of any other remedy that it is used with. Valuable for cleansing crystals, particularly quartz. Very valuable for sterilising water, bottles, babies feeding bottles etc. Useful for sterilising fruit and vegetables.

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