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FF8 Rosemary "Uplift" a powerful support for whenever one feels low, sad and depressed.


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It is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae, which includes many other herbs. The name "rosemary" derives from the Latin for "dew" (ros) and "sea" (marinus), or "dew of the sea". The plant is also sometimes called anthos, from the ancient Greek word ἄνθος, meaning "flower".



Rosemary is well documented for its wonderful properties for uplifting and stimulating the mind. Those who choose Rosemary are often cheerful, happy and emotionally stable.

Rosemary stabilises emotional disturbances and tearfulness. The person who needs Rosemary may be very low and easily distressed and may burst into tears for no particular reason. Rosemary is an uplifting and pleasing formula that promotes a feeling of joy and pleasure. Trauma Emotional imbalances and feeling low and distressed is often caused by sedation of the autonomic nervous system that causes spasm, hypofunction and distress. This may be associated with metal toxicity and chemical pollution such as aneasthetic  which blocks the nervous system.

Through stimulating the elimination of these harmful toxins the autonomic nervous system functions more normally and emotions are balanced.



Uplift for the support of  Emotional Trauma,

Unhappy, Tearful and Sad, Memory loss, Forgetful, Nervous twitch, Uncoordinated eye movements, Lack of co-ordination, General hypofunction, 

Antidotes cobalt copper and aluminium which all cause sedation and memory loss,

Antidotes hydrochloride chemicals which sedate the ANS,

Enables the uptake of Vit A/D and Essential Fatty Acids [EFA's],

Assimilation of Amino Acids l-Tryptophan and l-Histidine


The following Flower Essences are contained in the formula :

ROSEMARY FLOWER Rosmarinus Labiatae

Emotional level: Gentle, kind and expressive.

Trauma: Emotional disturbances, depression and tearfulness. The person who needs this flower is often very low, easily distressed and will burst into tears for no particular reason.

PINK CLOVER Trifolium Pratens

Emotional Level: Sensuality, loving all things that are beautiful and sensual. Loving opera, ballet, beautiful music and art. Creative and artistic, dreamy and romantic. The lover.

Trauma: Ultra sensitive and easily offended, will often over- react to situations.

STRAWBERRY FLOWER Fragaria ananassa Rosaceae

Emotional level: Fragile and sweet natured, placid and often very intelligent. Lateral thinker.

Trauma: Forgetful, clumsy, uncoordinated, scruffy and absent minded, (the absent-minded professor.) Nervous jerks and twitches. Disturbances of the ocular nerves. Squinting and uncoordinated eye movement. Numb sensations in the fingers, toes and arms. Pins and needles. Dead limbs.Forgetful, clumsy, undisciplined and disorganised.

Spiritual level: Lack of direction.

BINDWEED. Calystegia Sepium Convolvulaceae

Emotional level: Secure, sensual and female. The strong and beautiful soul who is well grounded and secure and who radiates strength and fine emotions.

Trauma: Insecure, invading and pervasive. Clinging on to situations and relationships.

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