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FF11 Hawthorn

FF11 Hawthron

Flower Formula FF11 Hawthorn " Heartache" supports emotional sadness, loss and grief heartache and all circumstance linked with the emotion of lost love.


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FF11 Hawthron

Crataegus /krəˈtiːɡəs/,[3] (from the Greek kratos strength and akis sharp, referring to the thorns of some species[4]) commonly called hawthorn, thornapple,[5] May-tree,[6] whitethorn,[6] or hawberry, is a large genus of shrubs and trees in the family Rosaceae, native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere in Europe, Asia and North America. The name "hawthorn" was originally applied to the species native to northern Europe, especially the common hawthorn C. monogyna, and the unmodified name is often so used in Britain and Ireland. The name is now also applied to the entire genus and to the related Asian genus Rhaphiolepis. The name haw, originally an Old English term for hedge, applies to the fruit.[7]


Hawthorn referred to as May Blossom symbolises love and marriage.

Hawthorn is a flower for the heart and for love and the person who needs this formula is a special person, loving and kind often giving all they have to the people they love.

Generous, beautiful and open hearted. Spiritually reliable and strong.

When feeling sad and heavy hearted and suffering with spiritual loss this formula conforts one on a deep level and helps to ease the grief of heartache and bereavement.



Love, Bereavement, Grief, Heartache and heartbreak,

Emotional sadness, Assuages emotional extremes which lead to heart trauma,

Emotional shock, Suffering with tragedy and loss of a loved one,

Nursing a sick baby, Caring for an elderly relative, Shocking news about a loved one, Loss of a long term partner through grief, Extreme tiredness through nursing and coping with other people,

Antidotes propyl alcohol and cosmetic creams, Antidote to Mercury,

Aids assimilation of Vitamin E and Amino Acids l-Methionine l-Carnitine and Glutamic Acid


The following Flower Essences are contained in the formula :

HAWTHORN BLOSSOM Crataegus Monogyna


Emotional level: Super person, patient, untiring and persistent. Sensible, strong and capable of coping with immense stress. Hawthorn aids pre-cancerous emotional states such as extreme stress or grief, as it assuages emotional extremes which may contribute to health breakdown Trauma: Heart-break, heartache.

Spiritual level: Spiritually reliable and strong. The person whom all people love and will turn to in times of spiritual trauma. People suffering from spiritual trauma will benefit from this harmoniser as it will give them strength and courage to endure. A valuable flower for persons nursing a very sick loved one. 

FAT HEN Chenopodium Album

SADNESS Emotional level: Will to recover from sadness, grief, bereavement, rejection and illness.

Trauma: Very valuable harmoniser to assist in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

CHICKWEED Stellaria Media

EMOTIONAL SHOCK/STRESS/LOVE Emotional level: Love. Trauma: Chickweed is particularly beneficial for emotional disturbances which affect the heart. Since the heart is the seat of all emotions, illnesses occur as a result of heart-break, lack of physical love, touching, cuddling, massage and all loving physical contact, including making love. People who need this harmoniser are out of harmony because they need physical love. Chickweed is invaluable for all illnesses which occur as a result of heart-break or love stress and should be taken throughout any long term illness or treatment and is invaluable when being treated for AIDS, cancer or any ‘incurable illness’. Chickweed is also valuable for when you are nursing a chronically sick loved one.

IVY FLOWER Hedera Helix Araliaceae


Emotional level: Loving, warm-natured, kind and special.

Trauma: Deep emotional trauma which has not been confronted and causes heartache and heart problems. Emotional heart block. Unable to come to terms with life’s disappointments and sad situations. Grief and sorrow, unable to come to terms with bereavement. Mourning and loss of loved ones but not coming to terms with the loss. All heart-break and heartache and any situation where pains occur in the heart area. Spiritual level: Wanting to believe but not trusting totally in the Lord. Going to church and praying but unable to commit oneself fully. Praying only when in need and forgetting that the Lord is always with one especially when one is sorrowful.

LILY OF THE VALLEY Convallaria Majalis Liliaceae HEART BLOCK

Emotional level: Deeply spiritual, very loving and giving. Often the person who chooses this harmoniser is in a profession which involves nursing or caring for other people. This person has frequently given up all physical, material wealth in order to dedicate themselves to humanity.

Trauma: Very wounded by past experience which causes heart block and deep physical pain in the heart. Heart block caused by pollution, toxins such as mercury and cobalt, Nivea, glycerol and some drugs such as steroids.

Spiritual level: Spiritual purity, innocence and beauty.

SNOWDROP Galanthus Amaryllidaceae Hyper


Emotional level: Cool, calm, and collected, often very elegant and neat. This person will always dress beautifully and take great care over their appearance.

Trauma: Tense, anxious, highly-strung and very quick-tempered, will often over-react to situations.

Spiritual level: Spiritual serenity.

DOUBLE SNOWDROP Galanthus Amaryllidaceae Hypo 


Emotional level: Very straightforward and honest.

Trauma: Very slow to grasp situations and usually overweight because of loss of interest in oneself.

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