The Foundation of Phytobiophysics

Diana Mossop

Founder of the Mossop Philosophy and the Phytobiophysics® Formulas.

In 1992 Diana Mossop Ph.D [M.A] was honoured with a Visiting Professorship of the Open International University of Complementary Medicine [Medicina Alternativa].

For her contribution to world health, she was honoured with a Knighthood and became Dame of The Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitallers, St John of Jerusalem. Knights Of Malta on 30th April 1993 in Malaga.

When she made her Sacred Vows, Diana pledged her life to serve mankind.

“To all present Knights and Dames, the wearing of the Orders Symbol, the eight pointed Maltese Cross is not a privilege but an obligation to serve humanity”

The Foundation of Phytobiophysics

Diana Mossop is a scholar of Complementary Medicine and the acclaimed creator and guardian of Phytobiophysics®. She is the author of seven Practitioner Text books and has created the remarkable and unique mobilisation therapy called Podo-Rhacidian as well as researching the astounding healing properties of flower and plant essences to create her ranges of Flower, Tree and Heart Power Formulas®

Complete Harmony is a range of 20 Flower Formulas which follow the principles of Vibrational medicine, Chinese acupuncture, the Chakra system, colour and the philosophy of emotional trauma. These Phytobiophysics® Flower Formulas have the capacity to stabilise and harmonise the deep trauma, which occur in modern society on all levels of consciousness.

Her more advanced research has led to the creation of the Superfit Tree Formulas, these powerful Tree Formulas support on a profund physical and  spiritual level and enable healing and recovery on a deep level.

Recently the Five PhytobHeartPower Constitutional Formulas have been launched to support the fascinating Heart Lock Theory. 

More recently her research with supporting Special Needs Children has led to the creation of the Special Care programme. and the recent pandemic has led to the forulation of the Immune Support and Defence proramme of the EDS Formulas

The Institute of Phytobiophysics® was established in 1990 and was affiliated to the Open International University of Complementary medicine in 1992. The Institute offers comprehensive formal Post graduate training to practitioners of all medical modalities. The Institute syllabus was accredited by the Guild of Professional Practitioners in 1997 and was affiliated to The Complementary Medical Association in 1999. The Institute now offers modular courses to lead to a post graduate Diploma.

For further information of the charter of The Open International University of Complementary Medicine [Medicina Alternativa] please read the Training prospectus.

There are now approximately 7000 practitioners world wide practising the Mossop Philosophy and using the Phytobiophysics® formulas.