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FSF10 Ponderosa

FSF10 Pondersoa  Florarbor


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Super Fit Tree Formula10 - Inj.ry is a natural remedy made using the essences of Silver Birch and Pondorosa Pine.

Silver Birch has powerful healing energy which is reputed to have ancient healing properties for injury to the tissues.

The Pondorosa Pine is traditionally called the healing tree by the American Indians. The bark is crushed into a pulp and used to heal wounds and injuries. The bark is made of thousands of overlapping puzzle pieces which create a tough, fire-proof shield. This protects the trees in the event of forest fires. Ponderosa Pine is the spiritual tree of American Indians and vibrates on the colour frequency of 111nm which is the vibration of silver.

This formula vibrates on spiritual silver energy.  Spiritual wounds are painful and often leave deep scars which affect the way we think and feel and often manifest physically as wrinkles and changes in our physical appearance. A supple and healthy body will speed the recovery of injury but it depends on freedom of movement, exercise and fresh air. Stress and the pace of modern society can make it difficult to maintain a healthy body.



Scars on the soul, Spiritual trauma which leaves one feeling wounded and bruised, Healing, Old wounds, Skin and scars, Connective Tissue, Soft Tissue, Movement, Grace, Suppleness, Beauty.

About Super Fit 10 - Inj.ry

Super Fit 10 - Inj.ry is our most powerful spiritual healer

It is supportive for:

  • Wounds and scars on the soul
  • tragedies which go back to early childhood and have never been fully dealt with.
  • Infinity of past tragedies
  • Beauty by healing the scars of the past
  • beautiful skin which is free from wrinkles due to recovery from past tragedies
  • Lithe and supple muscles
  • Small Intestine meridian internal /external skin

SF10 supports all injury whether spiritual or emotional.

  • Spiritual Scars,
  • Iris lacunae  
  • Child birth    
  • Wrinkles are caused by the memory of traumatic events throughout life.  
  • Most powerful energy for healing the wounds throughout the journey of life
  • Heals the Spiritual Heart Locks
  • Supports against Radioactivity/ radiation/LER
  • Supports the histamine pathway
  • Helps recovery from all shock
  • Spiritual arnica 


Name: Ponderosa Pine
Latin Name: Pinus Ponderosa
Collection Time: Spring in Santa Fe
Colour: Infra Red [Far]]
Frequency: 880


Summary: Ponderosa Pine is a sacred healing tree of the Hopi Indians in the south of USA and also the Cherokee Indians of the North.
The bark of Ponderosa Pine helps to distinguish it from other species. Mature individuals have cinnamon-red bark with black crevasses. Younger trees have black to reddish-brown bark. The tree can often be identified by its characteristic long needles that grow in tufts of two or three, depending on subspecies.
The bark of the Ponderosa pine was traditionally used by the Cherokees to heal wounds. It was crushed into a pulp to create a poultice for arrow wounds and is still regarded as a powerful herb for healing operations wounds and cancers.
Type of person ponderosa pine is suitable for: The Ponderosa Pine is a beauitful and powerful tree that covers most of the West Coast of USA and Northern America.

Everyone needs the energy of this essence since it is one of Natures great gifts for healing the wounds of the soul.
Emotional support for: Emotional wounds, Most people have experienced the feeling when deeply emotionally hurt that the physical experience is excrutiating and sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between the cruelty and the physical pain experienced. For example someone may be heard to say, 'when I received that shocking news, I felt as if I had been stabbed by a knife.' Both Physical and spirtual wounds stimuate Endorphins.
This very powerful essence supports the most important hormone called Endorphin, which is stimulated in the brain to deal with pian.
All wounds and scars and pains and hurts. All wounds whether internal or external
Spiritual state ponderosa pine can assist in: The physical manifestaion of betrayal, the most aggressive form of spiritual cruelty
Additional advice related to using this essence: The essence of Ponderosa Pine is used in our Tree Formula SF10 and in our healing cream called Phyto Nurture
Ponderosa Pine may be used to assist the elimination of: Wounds cuts
All soft tissue wounds and scars including burns
Name: Silver Birch
Colour: silver
Frequency: 111nm


Summary: Betula pendula Silver Birch is a widespread European birch, though in southern Europe it is only found at higher altitudes. Its range extends into southwest Asia in the mountains of northern Turkey and the Caucasus. The closely related Betula platyphylla in northern Asia and Betula szechuanica of central Asia are also treated as varieties of Silver Birch by some botanists.
Silver Birch is a beautiful tree that covers a great swathe of land across Europe. the bark of the silver birch has been used as Papyrus for scrolls and writing. The word. The writing on the outside of the bark is black but on the inner side it is red. the debt.
Type of person silver birch is suitable for: Noble honourable people who have a deep sense of purpose, religious faith and belief in soul matters.
Purpose and connection.
The silver thread of procreation. .
Emotional support for: When the silver thread is damaged or broken. Injury through accident, or wounds, whether Spiritual or physical.
Spiritual state silver birch can assist in: Agape relationships such as love of God, love of my Mother, Father, baby, son or daughter , grandparents or grandchildren.

Iridology is a fascinating study of the scars of wounds of our lives which create lacunae [troughs and holes in the fretwork of the irides.] The Iris of the eye is a fascinating map of a person's soul, the pupils dilate in accordance with our emotions and experiences. The shape of the eye is also significant. The capilliaries in the sclera enlarge and act like pointers into the eye to highlight trauma.

The brain will record the trauma throughout a person's life but cannot differentiate between a physical and spiritual wound, they both create the same scarring. However it is only when you heal the spiritual wound that the physical lacunae heal. Silver Birch is one of the most powerful essences which heal these wounds.
Additional advice related to using this essence: Spiritual arnica.
Suitable for supporting the ligaments, muscles, tissues, cuts, wounds, bruises.
Silver Birch may be used to assist the elimination of: All cuts and wounds and skin lesions whether internal or external.
Supportive post any operation or wound and is one of the main ingredients in our Silver Birch Phyto Nurture skin cream

Directions: One pill three times daily. For best results do not touch the pill, After use replace the lid and store in a cool dry place away from electrical appliances.

l-Lycine is responsible for the transportation of calcium molecules, formation of collagen, bones, cartilage and connective tissue. It is therefore essential for the healing of dislocation, bone fractures or breaks.

Source: Cottage Cheese, milk, fish beef, lamb, chicken, beans and brewers yeast.

l-Serine is responsible for skin, connective tissue, muscles, heart muscles and valves.

Source: Cheese Milk, chocolate, poultry and seeds.

l-Histidine is a vital protein for the formation of the brain hormone histamine. Histamine is repsonsible for protection of the tissues and prevention of infiltration of bacteria and toxins into the system. Insect bites, vaccines and wounds can all allow invasive substances to penetrate the body via the tissues. A complex action occurs which stimulates the immune system through the hormone thymopoeting in order to protect against invasion, when histamine is deficient the body goes into a state of toxic shock referred to as anaphylactic shock. Histamine is also responsible for orgasm and fulfillment and its deficiency can lead to impotence and sexual disfunction.

Source: Main source of l-Histidine is found in sesame seeds and lamb.


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