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FSF9 Wild Cherry

FSF9 Wild Cherry

Florabor SF9 Wild Cherry supports the structure of the bones, teeth, blood and colonic function.


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Super Fit Tree Formula SF9 - Structure is a natural remedy made using the essence of the Wild Cherry tree.

A strong and structural tree, which produces fruit that are rich in enzymes and vitamin K. The cherry fruits are used medicinally as well as eaten as a fruit. Wild Cherry vibrates on the colour frequency of 780nm which is infra-red.

The Cherry tree is regarded as beautiful and rare in Japan. This beautiful tree is very physical and the wood of the cherry tree is often used to make beautiful furniture 

Structural integrity is a vital factor in the preservation of good health. The concept that structure governs function and that structure and function are dynamically inter-related is the cornerstone of all structural modalities such as osteopathy and chiropractic. Vibrational philosophy believes that whilst structure may govern function, function controls the emotional pathways and therefore not only is structural health vital for healthy function of the body but also health on the emotional plane as well.



Bones Structure Skull Teeth Endorphin

About Super Fit 9 - Structure  Wild Cherry

Because Super Fit 9 - Structure uses the essence of the Wild Cherry tree it is primarily beneficial to us for use in developing and improving our skeletal bone structure.

This tree formula can be used in conjunction with flower formulas 18, 19, the red formulas and  FF20 which also vibrates on  infra-red frequency.

The energies of Red and Infra red are very physical and vibrates of the frequency of magnetismit / rising earth energy also the vibrational frequency of earth elements.

The structure of the body is made up of minerals and elements

  • the physical structure FF20
  • Red blood vibrates on the frequency of red FF18
  • Pain is one of the most important and protective message systems in the brain to stimulate healing  FF20
  • The Large Intestine meridian, [the bowels]  is responsible for the elimination of waste products from the digestive tract. FF19
  • Stagnation in life, fear and terror, caught up in negativity conspire to create blockage and lack of flow FF19
  • Nightmares, fear of loss of dignity in old age.
  • Fear of death/ death sentences such as terminal diagnosis
  • Spiritual Pain and bereavement
  • Lack of structural integrity.  


Directions: One pill three times daily. For best results handle pill as little as possible. Store in a cool dry place away from electrical appliances.

L-Lycine is an essential Amino Acid for the uptake of calcium and as such is vital for the health and stasis of the skeleton structure, especially when healing is required and for regeneration and formation of bone tissue. L-Lycine is responisble for transportation of calcium molecules, formation of collagen, bones, cartilage and connective tissue. It is therefore essential for the healing of dislocation, bone fractures or breaks.

L-Proline [Hydroxyproline] supports collagen, muscle tissue, ligaments, bone formation and calcium stasis. The best source is all animal protein.

For more inforamtion see the Red Flower Formulas - FF18 Poppy FormulaFF19 Red Chrysanthemum Formula and in particular FF20 Red Anenome Formula.


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