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FSF7 Spruce

FSF7 Spruce


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Super Fit  Tree Formula SF7 - Male Fertil, is a natural remedy made using the essence of the Norwegian Spruce tree.

This Phytobiophysics formula vibrates on a colour frequency of 607nm which is Orange and is very supportive of Male energy. The spirtual and emotional health of Man is vital for the future of the planet. This Spruce tree essence formula can be used in conjunction with flower formulas FF16 and FF17.

A powerful Male formula and is supportive of Masculine energy - Potency - Virility - Masculinity - Manhood - Fatherhood.

The future of the mankind depends on procreation and the reproduction of the species. It is therefore disturbing when statistical evidence points to a dramatically lowered sperm count over the last two decades and decline in male reproductive health. For the survival of mankind it is imperative to protect the health of male reproduction, the sperm and to maintain a healthy sexual appetite.



Bladder meridian, Passion, Relationships, marriage and partnerships.

About Super Fit 7 - Male Fertil

Super Fit 7 - Male Fertil, is a natural remedy made using the essence of the strong and masculine Norwegian Spruce tree.

There are a number of situations where SF7 can be an effective support

  • Emotional impact of Infertility  FF17
  • Lacking Male potency and a sense of virility
  • Loss of sexual appetite  ; ; ;
  • Lack of libido
  • Men suffering with any condition which affects ;their sexuality would be supported by this formula
  • Having been diagnosed with a condition such as prostate or testicular cancer which can be very emotionally disturbing
  • Male Adolescence ; FF16
  • Vital support for the health of baby boys ; especially in view of the damage of many estrogenic gender bender chemicals in the environemnt which impact on healthy developemnt of the male child.
  • lack of exercise. Exercise is very important for stimulating testoterone
  • Emotional impact of injury to the reproductive organs  ; 


Tip the container upside down and twist the lid to dispense one pilule.


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