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FSF6 Yew

FSF6 Yew

The Yew tree vibrates on the frequency of yellow . the Liver, Gallbladder and Stomach meridian, the pancreas and the Small Intestines.


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Florarbor SF6 is packaged in a small tip dispenser containing 150 pilules 

Super Fit Tree Formula SF/documents/files/phytobiophysics(1).pdf6 - Digest is a natural remedy made using essence of Yew tree.

This formula vibrates on a colour frequency of 573nm which is yellow in colour. This formula supports the liver, gallbladder,stomach and pancreas  and Small Intestine. meridians A healthy balanced and nutritious diet has long been recognised as being essential for maintaining good health. 

With the ever-increasing statistical evidence to show a link between the gastro enteric system and the brain it is becoming very apparent that the digestive system should not be neglected. A healthy balanced diet and nutrition is recognised as being one of the most complex and finely tuned responsibilities for maintaining health. It is essential to ensure that the digestive system is functioning at an optimum level to assimilate nutrients correctly. Stability in the digestive system is essential for good health and fitness on all levels. 



About Super Fit 6 - Digest "Yew"

Super Fit 6 - Digest is a natural remedy made using essence of Yew tree to support the Solar Plexus

This formula may be combined with the Flower formulas which vibrate on the frequency of colour yellow to target specific meridians 

 FF12 FF13 FF14 FF15 

May assist in combination with the Flower Formulas

  • Anger and aggression which impacts on the liver meridian FF12 Dandelion
  • Rows and cross voices, Helps people to feel more rational and respectful of other people's points of view FF12 Dandelion
  • Suppressed anger when anger is internalised and cannot be dealt with, it affects the Gallbladder meridian and this may impact on the fat metabolism FF12 Dandelion
  • Unhappiness and stress interfering with the Kidney Meridian FF13 Evening Primrose
  • Stress,Tension, Irritation, lack of calm, anxiety, feeling hyper and anxious may cause inflammation in the small Intestine meridian FF14 Daffodil
  • Severing the spiritual ties with parents, cutting the spiritual umbilical cord FF15 Yellow Foxglove
  • Birth Trauma affecting the pancreas meridian FF15 Yellow Foxglove
  • trauma of adoption or separation from parents FF15 Yellow Foxglove
  • Void of future, nothing to look forward to FF15 
  • Trauma of loss of a child or void of children FF15
  • longing for a child or death of a child even when they have grwon up FF15


Name: Yew Tree
Latin Name: Taxus baccata
Collection Time: Summer
Colour: Yellow
Frequency: 573nm



Summary: The wood from the Yew tree was highly prized in the middle Ages, for making bows, such as those which the English won the Battle of Agincourt. Yew is a symbol of immortality and all old churches have a yew tree planted near the Church door.
Yew clippings from the royal palaces are used to make Tamoxifen. A Yew tree in Somerset is reputed to be the oldest tree in England. it is thought to be 3878 years old.
The energy of Yew vibrates on the frequency of colour Yellow which is the energy of the solar plexus, the stomach, the liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas meridians.
Type of person yew tree is suitable for: People who are emotionally strong and straightforward, courageous and brave.
People who respect, cherish, and value other people's points of view.
Heroes, people who care for the community and take on responsibilities such as soldiers, firemen, policeman lifeboat rescuers, or just the person who would risk themselves to save or help another.
People who command enourmous respect and are constant, true and faithful.
Emotional support for: People who are furious, angry, aggressive and who may be prone to sudden outbursts of anger and violence or alternatively the victim of rows and anger.
Suppressed anger which internalises and disturbs the digestive system, causing indigestion, inflammation and irritable bowel and heart burn.
Stressed people who are irritable, panicky, picky, hypochondriac.
People who are fearful and undergoing change
Being orphaned or left by a parent for whatever reason.

Hepatic conditions
Gallbladder problems
Kidney malfunction
Pancreatic imbalance such as Diabetes or hypoglycaemia
stress, kidney- adrenal gland problems
Spiritual state yew tree can assist in: Rage and anger
Bittersweet relationships
Loss of a child through death or desertion
Being orphaned through death or desertion of one or both parents
Additional advice related to using this essence: This essence allows a balance in the digestive system which is helped by sensible dietary eaating habits.
Balanced meals full of healthy nutrition
Yew Tree may be used to assist the elimination of: Gluten
Toxic overload
heavy metals

Directions: One pill three times daily, For best results handle do not touch the pill. Using the lid as a dispenser tip one pill into the mouth without handling or use a celan spoon. Replace the lid immediately after use and store in a cool dry place away form electrical appliances.

One of the most frequent symptoms of autism, hyperactivity, is caused by an inability to digest and assimilate nutrients therefore parents should be aware that dietary control is a very effective method of supporting their child during times of duress.

It is well documented that a diet free of wheat and dairy products has been shown to assist with mood and trauma. Likewise people suffering with IBS should also be careful with acid foods such as pork, wheat, citrus and raw tomatoes all of which considerably aggravate the condition referred to as bowel inflammation.

Chemicals found in food such as e-additives, aspartame, pesticides and toxins have an extremely negative effect on the health of the liver. The side effects of these chemicals range from serious behavioural disorders, violence and aggression, temper tantrums, loss of self control, hyperactivity and resultant poor digestion and poor health.

For more inforamtion see the Yellow Flower Formulas - FF12 Dandelion Formula,  FF13 Evening Primrose FormulaFF14 Daffodil Formula and FF15 Yellow Foxglove Formula.


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