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Super Fit Florarbor 150

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Florabor Superfit Formulas packaged in small Containers  of 150 pilules  

Research by The Institute of Phytobiophysics has led to the creation of the most powerful range of vibrational tree formulas called Phytobiophysics Tree Superfit Formulas

Powerful and supportive, natural safe; contain no additives; safe for babies and children; safe for the vulnerable; do not interfere with medical prescriptions; powerful emotional support for people undergoing medical procedures.

SF Test Kit

SF Superfit Test Kit

'Mini /Test Kit Phytobiophysics Superfit Tree Formulas This valuable SF travel pack can also be used by practitioners as a test Kit. '


FSF1 Oak

FSF1 Florarbor 1 Oak

'Superfit Tree Formula 1 is made from Oak essence and is the most powerful supporter of the heart Meridian '


FSF2 Eucalyptus

FSF2 Florarbor 2 Eucalyptus

'To be relaxed before exercise is to be supple and co-ordinated, yet alert. A measure of calm is needed for all aspects of life even in the middle of strenuous exercise.'


FSF3 Magnolia

FSF3 Florarbor 3 Magnolia

'FSF3 Magnolia. This beautiful powerful Violet energy supports our brain and allows us to relax and be peaceful. Violet energy is needed whenever we have difficulty with our male relationships or are concerned about our Fathers. '



FSF4 Florarbor 4 Redwood

'SF4 Imun T Redwood- the tallest trees in the world. Vibrating on the frequency of Blue. the Autonomic Limbic nervous system controlled by emotions. Emotional issues conspire to cause a breakdown in our immune systems. '


FSF5 Deodar Cedrus

FSF5 Florarbor 5 Deodar Cedrus

'FSF5 Deodar Cedrus is a powerful ancient tree of healing. referred to as the Tree of God. whenever we have been rejected or betrayed we will find it hard to breath. '


FSF6 Yew

FSF6 Florarbor 6 Yew

'FSF6 Digest Yew supports the solar plexus. A healthy balanced diet and nutrition is recognised as being one of the most complex and finely tuned responsibilities for maintaining health.'


FSF7 Spruce

FSF7 Florarbor 7 Spruce

'The future of the mankind depends on procreation and the reproduction of the species. It is therefore disturbing when statistical evidence points to a dramatically lowered sperm count over the last two decades.'


FSF8 Arbolle de Tulle

FSF8 Florarbor 8 Tulle Tree

'Puberty, menstruation, conception, pregnancy, and healthy foetal development depend on the healthy function of the endocrine system. female Repro supports women from young puberty through to menopause and beyond '


FSF9 Wild Cherry

FSF9 Florarbor 9 Wild Cherry

'Structural integrity is a vital factor in the preservation of good health. The concept that structure governs function and that structure and function are dynamically inter-related is the cornerstone of all structural modalities.'


FSF10 Pondersoa  Florarbor

FSF10 Florarbor10 Ponderosa/Silver Birch

'This formula vibrates on spiritual silver energy. Spiritual wounds are painful and often leave deep scars which affect the way we think and feel and often manifest physically.'



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'This facility may be a valuable option for those of you who wish to expedite your order.'


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