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SC6 Walnut Comfort

SC6 Walnut Comfort

Special Care 6 Walnut Comfort supports children who suffer with pain and discomfort in the solar plexus. Children who have been separated from their mothers at birth often have difficulty with absorption and digestion.


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Walnut tree

SC6 Walnut Comfort

A walnut, is the nut of any tree of the genus Juglans (Family Juglandaceae), particularly the Persian or English walnut, Juglans regia. Technically a walnut is the seed of a drupe or drupaceous nut, and thus not a true botanical nut. It is used for food after being processed while green for pickled walnuts or after full ripening for its nutmeat. Nutmeat of the eastern black walnut from the Juglans nigra is less commercially available, as are butternut nutmeats from Juglans cinerea. The walnut is nutrient-dense with protein and essential fatty acids.


Walnut Balance  contains essence of  Devils Bit Scabius and Blackberry [Bramble]

In the centre of every old English village is a Village Green with a walnut tree in the middle. The May Pole.

Walnut trees represent a focal point for village life.

Walnuts are traditionally eaten at Christmas time.

Walnuts look like a womb

In the fairy kingdom the walnut shell represents the cradle, Tom Thumb slept in a walnut shell.

The kernel of the walnut represents a brain or a foetus.  The umbilical cord , the pancreas

An old English cure for Diabetes is cracked walnut shells boiled to make a tea.


Blackberry essence vibrates on the same frequency as walnut and is regarded as the fruit of betrayal, the betrayed, the victim of someone who has betrayed one's trust. however Walnut Balance could also heal the betrayer.  Lucipher fell  200,000 years ago into the blackberry bush when he fell out of heaven. 

The Navel, the umbilical cord


Birth Trauma  umbilical cord. Trauma at birth  such as sparation or being orphaned.

The longing for a baby, the Future. 






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