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SC3 Cedar Hope

Cedar Hope

Cedar Hope supports the hearing, the brain and the descending energy through the spine. This powerful tree offers support for concussion accidents and structural misaalignment all encompassing structural support Standing under a massive Cedar tree a


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Cedar Hope

Cedrus libani is a species of cedar native to the mountains of the Mediterranean region.[2][3][4]

There are two distinct types that are considered to be different subspecies or varieties:

  • Lebanon cedar or cedar of Lebanon (C. libani subsp. libani or var. libani) - grows in Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, northwest Jordan, western Syria, and south central Turkey.

this powerful massive tree produces wood that is capabale of building ships and  buildings 

A coniferous tree Cedar of Lebanon frequently referred to in the Bible. Because of its luxuriant 

growth and length of life it is an emblem of prosperity and because of its stateliness it is a 

figure of majesty and beauty. Cedar was used to build temples in the time of David and Soloman

and in the ruins of the 2700 yr old palace of Assurnasirpal there are still remnants of the cedar 

wood with which it was built. It was also used to  build the masts of ships because of the height of 

the tree and the strength of the wood.






‘Hope to recover from illness and unhappiness’

‘Listens but does not hear’.

‘Lost the will to try again- Loss of hope’ 


Deafness  hearing problems

dizzy spells

clumsy  lacking coordination    vertigo

Supports Polio and Tetanus

‘Listen to a mothers heart beat in the womb- listen to cross voices anguish and rows’ 




Superfit Formulas   SF2 KARM   SF 3 RE*LAX

SF9 Structure  SF10 INJ*RY


Flower Formulas  FF3   FF4   FF6    FF20


100 Hedgerow Elementals Pennywort  Phacelia  Pink Thrift  Dragon Arum 

  Great Willow herb  Orange lichen


Vaccine support:  Vit K   Tetanus  


 After completion of this formula assess the progress.

 Symptom Picture;

  Have there been any noticeable changes or improvements in:

Hearing,  Speech and Concentration 

Energy levels
Change of patterns of behaviour
Reactive processes
Sleep patterns
Symptom relief
Dietary Patterns
Eliminative processes
Was A Healing crisis experienced; if so what and for how long:
If there has been recovery introduce Special Care 4 Willow Nurture

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