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Special Care

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Phytobiophysics® The Mossop  Philosophy ‘Special Care Formulas’ have been researched to supply the rising level of children in the world with 'Special Needs’ an opportunity to heal and recover.

Remember ‘We were all children once’ and most of us have special care needs.   Therefore any one of us may need a Special Care Formula. This programme is especially suitable for the elderly as well.

A range of seven powerful support formulas Called Special Care for Special Needs Children and the elderly and anyone who has a need of support.

 We are constantly researching methods to ensure that our healthy children are kept safe and that we protect and support children in need.. we also understand that we get older we also need support and powerful help of the seven Special Care formulas 

When children have special needs they require maximum devotion from us 

It is one of the greatest tragedies of modern society that so many children today are being diagnosed with ‘Special Needs’.

This soft and gentle term is in no way  a correct or honest description of the harrowing situations to which it refers. When one in ten of all children today are quite simply brain damaged to a greater or lesser degree, isn’t it about time that we all started to wake up to this appalling and chilling catastrophe and to call it by its correct name rather than masking it with this sweet terminology. FURTHERMORE IT IS ESSENTIAL TO RESEARCH THE CAUSE AND START TO LOOK AT HOW WE CAN HEAL OUR BELOVED CHILDREN.


Part 1 Special Care   https://youtu.be/GQ4GES7w1xM

Part 2 Special Care   https://youtu.be/zRIN0WUL5e4


SC1 Olive Love

SC1 Special Care 1 Olive Love

'Olive Love'


Cedar Hope

SC3 Special Care 3 Cedar Hope

'Cedar Hope'



SC4 Special Care 4 Willow Nurture

'Willow Nurture '


SC5 Apple Calm

SC5 Special Care 5 Apple Calm

'Apple Calm'


SC6 Walnut Comfort

SC6 Special Care 6 Walnut Comfort

'Walnut Comfort'


SC7 Linden Balance

SC7 Special Care 7 Linden Balance

'Linden Balance '



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