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HP5 PhytobHeartPower 5 Structural Integrity


Aortic Constitution : Physical Journey Lower left quadrant: Baby, Babyhood-Structure- Now! Circulation, Teeth, LI/Kidney/Left Bladder Meridian. Vibrates on the colour frequencies of Orange, Red/Infra-Red. Essence of Cherry, Red Pine, RECENTLY UPGRADED


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Cherry and Red Pine


Cherry is a stunningly beautiful tree that provides hard wood and beautiful nourishing Cherry fruit full of vitamin C and Vit K that support healthy bone strcuture. Red Pine and Pondersoa pine are renowned for their healing powers and support of production of pain hormones such as endorphin.



Since the Heart Power Formulas are extremely powerful it is strongly advised that you only take one Heart Power Formula at a time. 

Recently upgraded with support for the Sensory organof touch /pain  


THE POSITIVE AORTIC CONSTITUTION  The left ventricle - Lower Left Quadrant 


The positive Aortic constitution is warm blooded, passionate, exotic and fulfilled. They are very sensitive and spiritual and often experience ‘deja vue’. They may be clairvoyant and have gifts of healing and vision. Dreamy and elf like they are emotional weather vanes, feeling and experiencing changes in environment, temperature and electrical energy. The barometer. They are very secure and sensual and love to be touched and cuddled. The fruit of love, the adorable child, the baby of the family whom everyone loves. The Aortic  constitution is a receiver of knowledge and love, They are compassionate, serene, sympathetic, understanding and warm natured. They are the fountain of knowledge and ancient wisdom. The lover, receiver of love, orgasm, fulfillment and conception.

The Aortic person is complete and whole, rounded and perfect. They love possessions and will often collect things. Like squirrels they hoard things and memories, memorabilia, old photographs, possessions and archives. They love beautiful surroundings and live in beautiful homes. They store memories away and will often be a fountain of information about the past.

The are happy, rich, sultry sexy and flamboyant. They love bright colours and adore beautiful clothes and lovely fabrics such as satin and silk. They are tactile, love to touch and possess and will choose professions such as collectors, antique dealers, home designers, decorators, librarians, clairvoyants, doctors, healers and visionaries.





The negative left ventricle aORTIC constitution is unhappy, bereaved oppressed, tormented by death, rejection, sadness and grief. They suffer with nightmares, fear and phobias and blocked by subconscious memories of the past, they feel lonely, sad, frightened and neglected.

The negative Aortic constitution may lay themselves open to victimisation, subjugation, rape and neglect.

This person may be lonely, jealous and needy. Searching for the love they so desperately crave, they might become promiscuous, oversexed and depraved and may have many partners before they find fulfillment.

Unable to recover from trauma and wounds, the negative lAortic person feels tormented, frustrated and trapped in their own bodies.

The conditions associated with the negative left ventricle Aortic constitution are poor elimination, circulatory disorders, Raynaud’s syndrome, haemorrhoids, constipation, water retention, cellulitis, thrombosis, varicose ulcers and veins. Pain, Chronic fatigue, hepatoxicity, acne, anaemia, encephalopathy, headache and congestion. Lower back pain and left hip disorders thrombosis, bacteria, tooth decay, osteogenic imperfections. Menstrual problems, such as dysmenorrhoea, oestrogen excess and fibroids, pre-menstrual tension, cramps and lower back pain. Genito-urinary tract infection, leucorrhea, thrush, candida albicans.

Impotence, prostate problems and lack of sexual fulfillment.

Unable to eliminate properly the negative left ventricle constitution holds on to old fears and griefs. They suffer with a deep and strong pulse. They harbour old grudges and feel guilty and victimised and may turn to crime.

Often the negative left ventricle child who has been victimised and who has not recovered will grow up to become the perpetrator of the same negativity or crime.




Aortic Constitution : Physical Journey
Lower left quadrant : Baby, Babyhood - Structure - Now
Circulation, Teeth, Large Intestine/ Kidney/Left Bladder Meridian
Vibrates on the colour frequency of Orange, Red and Infra-Red.
Essence of Cherry, Red Pine, Poppy, Tulip, Red Chrysanthemum and Anemone.
Teeth, bones, legs, sacrum and reproduction. Easily wounded/ victim of accident/physical abuse/negation and neglect, Courage/fear
Structural Balance/harmony /integrity. Reproduction.
Recovery from:
Wounds during babyhood which manifest as
disorders now. Victimisation, aggression, fear.
Accident. Physical abuse/negation and
neglect, interfering with structure

Somatosensory System: The Ability To Sense Touch feel and Pain 

Our sense of touch is controlled by a huge network of nerve endings and touch receptors in the skin known as the somatosensory system. This system is responsible for all the sensations we feel – cold, hot, smooth, rough, pressure, tickle, itch, pain, vibrations, and more. Within the somatosensory system, there are four main types of receptors: mechanoreceptors, thermoreceptors, pain receptors, and proprioceptors.

Our skin acts as the protective barrier between our internal body systems and the outside world. Its ability to perceive touch sensations gives our brain a wealth of information about the environment around us, such as temperature, pain, and pressure. Without our sense of touch, it would be very hard to get around in this world! We wouldn't feel our feet hitting the floor when we walked, we wouldn't sense when something sharp cut us, and we wouldn't feel the warm sun on our skin. It is truly amazing how much information we receive about the world through our sense of touch, and although we still don't know all the ins and outs of how the skin perceives touch, what we do know is interesting.

Pain occurs when the sensation of touch is damaging and we produce endorphins to negate the sensation of pain

An endorphin is a hormone that your body produces to ease pain and make you feel calm and happy. Endorphins are sometimes called "natural pain killers," since that is the way they act in the body. Things like stress and exercise can stimulate the release of endorphins.

Painful emotions may also release endorphins. [natural anaesthetic]

Impaired Somatosensory system leads to :

  1. PAIN
  2. Strain
  3. Sprain
  4. Dislocation
  5. Back ache
  6. Arthritis
  7. Discomfort
  8. Skin lesions
  9. Warts 
  10. Solar kerotisis 
  11. Rash 



aortic Constitution


The LEFTventricle                       Receiver of life



Child of Mother




 Wisdoms & Gifts


 Fruit of Life and Love




 Feeling changes in Environment



 Earthed & Grounded

 Receivers pf Life and Genetic Coding



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Emotional Harmony

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