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HP3 PhytobHeartPower HP3 - 'Breathe Freely'


HP3 'Breathe Freely' is the Pulmonary Constitutional Formula for breathing, the lungs, the brachial plexus, the skeleton and the reproductive system. This formula supports the bitterness of rejection and loss, cruelty and childhood pubescent trauma. RE


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Deodar Cedrus



Cedrus Deodara supports the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM

Himalayas Deodar, called the Indian Tree of God or the sacred tree of India, has powerful religious associations but historically has been used for healing the heart. The pinecone, which is heavily scented, clears the senses and allows deep inhalation. Deodar vibrates on the frequency of Green.

It is one of the essences in HP 3 'Breathe Freely'.


Since the Heart Power Formulas are extremely powerful it is strongly advised that you only take one Heart Power Formula at a time. 

Recently upgraded to support the Gustatory pathway of Taste and Digestion

HP3 Breathe Freely supports

The Pulmonary Constitution

Right Ventricle 

Dignity        Perfectionist

The right ventricle constitution is beautiful and vital, slender and youthful with a sense of laughter and fun. Independent, confidant and full of self-worth. Proud, capable and artistic. Sporty, active and loving the outdoors. The right ventricle constitution is full of fun and gaiety and is the life and soul of gatherings. They are very gregarious and surround themselves with friends. Intellectually stimulating and amusing, they often seek employment as communicators, linguists, teachers, lawyers, authors, secretaries, poets, actors, dancers and sportsmen. The pulmonary valve constitution is a communicator and loves books, reading, and languages. They often have beautiful voices and they love to talk, sing and hum when they are happy.

Damage will block the pulmonary valve and create negativity.

The Negative Right Ventricle Constitution

Tragic,  Loss of Self Worth,  Withdrawn,   Sarcastic

When the pulmonary valve is blocked negativity ensues and the Right Ventricle constitution becomes aloof, cold, impotent, frigid and infertile. Dissatisfied with life they feel embittered and cannot forgive. They distance themselves from their friends and become remote and withdrawn. Unsure of themselves, they are shy, self-absorbed, self-centered and selfish.

When extreme negativity occurs they become neurotic and self-destructive, masochistic and even suicidal. They may inflict wounds on themselves and abuse themselves with disorders such as anorexia. They frequently deny themselves the fresh air and oxygen that they so desperately need by smoking or living indoors, taking up night-time occupations such as running pubs and restaurants and not exercising properly.

The negative Right Ventricle constitution may use the power of words to wound others, they are verbal bullies and use sarcasm as a weapon. They may be illiterate and have difficulty with learning to read or suffer with speech impediments such as stuttering and stammering.

The Right Ventricle Constitution, when negative will become arthritic and suffer with aches and pains in the spine, elbows and ankles. They suffer with asthma, allergy and skin disorders such as eczema, inflammation and loss of weight. They experience reproductive disorders such as infertility, impotence, low sperm count, amenorrhoea, cysts, P.C. cells and carcinoma.



May assist with :
◾The Lung Meridian     
◾Recovery from Rejection 
◾Bitter betrayal of loss of love through cruelty including losing someone you love through an accident or tragedy
◾An inability to forgive people who have caused them hurt
◾Loss of self worth 
◾Denial of fresh air through smoking and/or lack of exercise 
◾Sedentary lifestyles through loss of motivation
◾Not being able to breathe properly because of the weight of heart break and an inability to recover
◾Assuages strong and aggressive emotions which lead to falling extremely ill
◾Nicotine Addiction 


Rejection hurt, loss and betrayal.

The pulmonary consitution is lythe and slender, active and sporty and  they are free spirits.

When hurt during childhood they often lose their confidence and self-worth.

The physical repercussions manifest in the lungs, the skeleton, the right sided bladder meridian, the production of hormones such as progesterone and testosterone, and internal and external skin problems such as eczema and IBS. 

This Formula HP 3 has recently been upgraded to support the Gustatory Pathway 

Taste, gustatory perception, or gustation is one of the five traditional senses that belongs to the gustatory system. Taste is the sensation produced when a substance in the mouth reacts chemically with taste receptor cells located on taste buds in the oral cavity, mostly on the tongue.

The tongue is covered with thousands of small bumps called papillae which are visible to the naked eye. Within each papilla are hundreds of taste buds. The exception to this is the  filiform papillae that do not contain taste buds. There are between 2000 and 5000 taste buds that are located on the back and front of the tongue. Others are located on the roof, sides and back of the mouth, and in the throat. Each taste bud contains 50 to 100 taste receptor cells.

The sensation of taste includes five established basic tastes:  Sweet, Sour, Salt,  Bitter and Savoury.

 Scientific experiments have demonstrated that these five tastes exist and are distinct from one another.

Taste buds are able to distinguish between different tastes through detecting interaction with different molecules or ions. Sweet, savoury, and bitter tastes are triggered by the binding of molecules to protein receptors  on the cell membrane of taste buds.

 Saltiness and sourness are perceived as alkaline whilst sweet foods are acidic. The taste buds are linked with the brain control of the entire digestive system, activating salivary amylase  through to the hormones and digestive enzymes to be able to process the food that has been put in the mouth. 

Complications of the breakdown of the gustatory pathway

  1. Lack of interest in food/refusal of food
  2. Picky and fussy 
  3. Allergies /intolerances
  4. Anorexic tendencies
  5. Irritable bowel [IBS]
  6. Acidity, cramp and wind
  7. Disbiosis 
  8. Constitaption
  9. Appendicitis
  10. Hernia
  11. Weight loss
  12. fluctuation in weight 






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