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A multi-purpose cream (with added Rose). Bruising, scars, insect bites, sunburn, yeast, fungus and skin infections, eczema and more.


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Essential oils of rose are considered to be the prize of all perfumes. Healing properties of rose essential oils have been well documented throughout the centuries.  



With this new skin product our aim was to create a cream that boosts the skin’s natural processes of protection, repair and renewal to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. Skin beauty and "comfort in one's skin" can be an integral part of our happiness, self-confidence, comfort and health. Phyto-Nurture Cream supports the skin externally while the Phytobiophysics Formulas create a healthy internal environment deep within our bodies and spirit.


This remarkabale soothing topical cream is suitable for the skin of the whole body., Suitable for all skin types including babies., Suitable and gentle enough to be used in the very sensitive areas!, This gentle skin cream only contains pure natural vegetarian ingredients.,

Contains NO aggressive chemicals or skin-unfriendly ingredients, No synthetic fragrance, No petrochemicals, No sulfate detergents, No - synthetic colours, No animal ingredients, No synthetic preservatives and parabens


Ingredients: Almond oil, jojoba oil, essential oils of rose (aniba rosaeodora) and oregano (thymus capitatus), onion tincture (allium cepa) and tincture of Phytobiophysics Super Fit 10 In*jry

Carrying the magic energy of Silver Birch Tree and the infinite energy of Silver.

For more information on the power of Super Fit 10  Inj*Ry - please see text under Super Fit Formulas. SF10

Directions: Apply sparingly as frequently as required,

Contents: 60mls in glass jars

What People say about Phyto Nurture Cream.......,

"I have used Phyto Nurture on an old scar on my face.  It is quite remarkable, after a few days I noticed that my skin became softer and then gradually the scar has literally faded and now after a few months it has disappeared.  Thank You!"

"I love this cream... I used to use lots of different skin creams for my face , my eyes and my body.  Now I just use Phyto Nurture. It is marvellous. "

"It works for me. Whenever my children bump or bruise themselves I immediately turn to Phyto Nurture. It saves the day. How clever to produce an all purpose skin cream that does everything from wrinkles, nappy rash, ecsema and bruising.  

How does it work? "

"I now have an almost empty bathroom cupboard!  

"Thank you so much for Phyto Nurture. I have three grandchildren and they are always bumping and bruising themselves. this is the magic cream that they always ask for and it absolutely does work.! it is amazing! "

"After being sexually abused I went to see Diana , she advised me to use the Phyto nurture cream even in the very sensitive intimate areas. it was strange as I felt that it subtly helped me on many levels. i am very grateful. "


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