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EDS 2 Storksbill


EDS2 Storksbill supports anxiety, fear of loss of financial support, security and assets. Nervous break down with resultant inflammation and digestive upset.


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EDS 2 Storksbill ICSH  20:  Violet Flower Formulas support the Pituitary,  the first line of defence against infection.


Post Viral Syndrome

After infection when one goes into recovery the symptoms are often similar to those of defence against infection. This is a higly inflammatory state and may be referred to as  Post Viral syndrome, 


2nd stage of infection

The Mucous membranes activate as a first line of defence.

The virus has penetrated the mucous membranes, sinuses and tonsils,  digestive system and the blind gut / lymphatic system and spleen, and the blood plasma.

Thymosin Alpha activates to fight infection.  


Upgraded with Sphenoid Sinuses and lingual tonsils formulas. 



Sinusitis and tonsillitis, mucous congestion, sneezing and coughing.    


 this is the stage of viral epidemics which is sometimes referred to as Post Viral Syndrom. It is higly inflammatory and is linked with many symptoms of IBS Colitis  and digestive disorders. 



How to support: Use tissues and wash hands frequently. During the infectious stage of infection stay at home and rest.



The crown chakra vibrates on the violet frequency. Violet is the highest vibration of sunlight and is the most powerful regal energy of Fatherhood.  Purple is another name for Violet and it is interesting that this is the colour of Kings and powerful leaders.

Violet energy supports a very strong and loving bond with our Father. Above all Violet flowers support the energy of our male relationships.

Void of Violet will impact on our relationships with men or if male, ‘ourselves’ as men. Absence of, or disturbance with, our fathers may impact on our male relationships throughout our lives. Whether father, boss, husband or even our sons.

When this spiritual relationship breaks down we have a need for high vibration violet flowers to help us.  When we are stressed or anxious about our fathers we suffer with Tri-cusped valve disorders of the heart and as a result may suffer with head-aches, panic attacks, stress related conditions and sleepless nights.

Violet flowers have a very high vibration and have the capacity to calm and relax us when we are stressed, anxious and tense. They have a balancing effect on the cerebellum, the Central Nervous System, the pons oblongata and the spinal fluid.

Violet is the colour of the brain hormone Serotonin, the hypothalamus and the pituitary hormones. Violet flowers balance the circadian rhythm, the internal body clock. Violet supports the Pre curser stem cells called Megakariocytes that are responisble for the release of thrombocytes. 

Violet flowers balance thought and intellect.


Cerebellum • Cerebral Cortex • Right Eye • Orientation and Balance • Thinking Brain • Fatherhood



  STORK’S BILL Erodium Cicutarium. Geraniaceae

Spiritual level: The silver thread, Procreation. The Family Tree.

Emotional level: A close family bond. Family connections. Ancestors,

grandparents, great grandparents. 

The strong and loving grandparents and parents.

The expectant parents, the desire to have children, family planning.

Trauma:  Thinking. Anxiety.  

Longing for a child, fearing an inability to conceive.

Emotional trauma centred on sterility and infertility.

Anxiety about one’s child or children.

Sad and lonely and longing to be in a relationship.

Lack of fulfilment.

A child choosing this harmoniser may be anxious about their parent or parents.

Repercussions on a Physical Level: Hypothalamus; GnRH; Pituitary; LH; FSH; ICSH.     Complications with reproduction

Antidote: IVF Drugs, prostaglandins


Herbal properties:

Leaf - Used as an expectorant, diuretic and emollient. It is used as an infusion by pouring boiling water onto 1 to 2 teaspoonfuls of dried leaves. It is very soothing.

Root - Used as a diuretic and emollient and for inflammation of the mouth, digestive tract, ulcers, colitis, varicose veins, abscess and boils.

Method - A decoction is made by boiling the roots for 10 to 15 minutes. This should be drunk 3 times a day.

HEMP AGRIMONY Eupatorium Cannabinum  Compositae


Collection time:  July to September. Near marshes, marshy banks.

Spiritual: Power; Control; Strategy; Power and wealth.

Emotional level: Problem solving; Counselling; The senior executive in charge of other people; responsibility;

Hemp Agrimony is a valuable harmoniser to help you make important decisions. Investment; a clear cool head.

Trauma: Nervous Breakdown, overpowered by responsibility, loss of assets.

The Gambler.

Repercussions on a Physical Level: Male Harmoniser; left brain; thinking brain, Cerebral Cortex.

Heart Murmur. Anaphylactic Shock.

Nut allergy, bee sting.

Histamine deficiency. Histamine controls the Thymus gland production of Thymopoetin T 8 Suppressor cells.

In relationships:  Possessive and controlling, i.e. the possessive husband, the controlling parent.

Women who need this harmoniser often hold extremely responsible financial positions.

Children who need this harmoniser maybe selfish and possessive and do not like to share their toys.

Antidote: Antihistamine.  Bee sting, wasp sting.

Antidotes a chemical in tampons and helps to negate the condition known as toxic shock.



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