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FF13 Evening Primrose

FF13 Eveneing Primrose
FF13 Eveneing Primrose

Evening Primrose is a beautiful flower that supports the kidney meridian and eases anxiety, stress and adrenal exhaustion .


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Evening Primrose


Oenothera is a genus of about 145[3] species of herbaceous flowering plants native to the Americas.[4] It is the type genus of the family Onagraceae. Common names include evening primrose, suncups, and sundrops. They are not closely related to the true primroses (genus Primula).


The species vary in size from small alpine plants 10 centimeters tall, such as O. acaulis from Chile, to vigorous lowland species growing to 3 meters, such as O. stubbei from Mexico. The leaves form a basal rosette at ground level and spiral up to the flowering stems. The blades are dentate or deeply lobed (pinnatifid). The flowers of many species open in the evening, hence the name "evening primrose". They may open in under a minute. Most species have yellow flowers, but some have white, purple, pink, or red. Most native desert species are white. Oenothera caespitosa, a species of western North America, produces white flowers that turn pink with age.[5] One of the most distinctive features of the flower is the stigma, which has four branches in an X shape.[6]


Yellow is the colour of the kidneys and the adrenal glands. The Evening Primrose is a glorious yellow flower, however it changes in shade from a light yellow in the morning to dark orange in the evening. Evening Primrose is the flower that emulates the calm tranquillity and relaxation of water flow.

The Evening Primrose person has a mission in life and is constant, true and faithful. Those who need Evening Primrose Formula, when traumatised, are often tired and fickle and, like water which trickles through one's fingers, they become transient. As well as being untrue to themselves they also let their friends down. This flower assists with tension and anxiety and is particularly valuable for children who suffer from bedwetting.


Relaxation, calm, serenity, kidney and bladder meridian, water balance.

Emotional Stress, sexually related emotional trauma, pubescent males, delinquency.

Bedwetting associated with being bullied,.Frequent urination associated with fears and worries.

Alkaline /acid balance.

Aids assimilation of all vitamins. Supports the uptake of Vitamin B5 [Pantothenic Acid] which is richly supplied in peanuts and is vital when unable to relax.

Aids the uptake of amino acids L-Methionine and L-Ornithine.


The following Flower Essences are contained in the formula :



Emotional level: A person who has a mission in life and who is able to bring this to fulfilment. The constant and true and faithful person.

Trauma: The person who needs Evening Primrose is often tired and fickle and, as well as being untrue to their friends, they also let themselves down.

RAGWORT Senecia Jacobaea


Emotional level : Innocence

Trauma: Sexually related emotional disturbances. Sexual perpetrators. Troublesome puberty.

COMMON FUMITORY Fumaria Officinalis Papaveracea


Emotional level: Emotional balance. Achievement.

Trauma: Emotional stress.

Spiritual level: Spiritual achievement. Spiritually in tune.

BLACK MEDICK Medicago Lupulina Leguminosae


Emotional level: Calm, serenity.

Trauma: All conditions which are stress related including tension and anxiety.

This is a valuable flower for children who suffer from bedwetting and for adults who suffer from the need to urinate frequently, particularly in the middle of the night.


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