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Probiotic Peace


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Probiotic Peace is a broad spectrum support to nurture the immune system. It is particularly valuable during times of vulnerability when one is low, rundown and in need of extra support eg. cold winter months.


Probiotic Peace box consists of 5 formulas each containing approx 30 pilules, ANX : the circulatory meridian and the aortic valve, SPX : the respiratory system and the pulmonary valve, BPX : the spleen and heart meridian and the mitral valve, MVX : the Central Nervous system and the tri-cuspid valve, VRX : general probiotic, upgraded with new research every year for maximum support.


valuable support for the immune system during the winter months protection during times of vulnerability babies who have been traumatised support during times of stress general support and preventative for health It is necessary to take one of each formula on a daily basis for approximately one month. The program can be repeated annually as preventative care or as and when necessary during times of weakness and need. This support is particularly valuable to protect,defend and support against harmful bacteria.


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