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EDS 1 Moss Ivy

Moss Lycopod

The immune system is utterly controlled by emotions and the heart is the seat of all emotion. Supporting the heart with green plants allows us to recover from even serious immune system complications.


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Moss Lycopod

Moss Ferns Lycopods

Lycopods are flowerless, vascular, terrestrial or epiphytic plants, with widely branched, erect, prostrate or creeping stems, with small, simple, needle-like or scale-like leaves that cover the stem and branches thickly. The leaves contain a single, unbranched vascular strand and are microphylls by definition. The kidney-shaped or reniform spore-cases (sporangia) contain spores of one kind only and are borne on the upper surface of the leaf blade of specialized leaves called sporophylls, arranged in a cone-like strobilus at the end of upright stems. The club-shaped appearance of these fertile stems gives the clubmosses their common name. Lycopods reproduce asexually by spores. The spore is a subterranean mass of tissue of considerable size  and bears both the male and female organs, and form rhizomes as ferns and moss. 

Researched to support the pre curser stem cells in the lungs called Megakariocytes that activate and produce blood platelets and feed back to the stem cells of the bone marrow to activate the immune system




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Green is the colour of life and love.  Green is the colour of the heart and lungs.

The immune system is utterly controlled by emotions and the heart is the seat of all emotion. Supporting the heart with green plants allows us to recover from even serious immune system complications.

Whilst EDS 1 Moss Ivy is very supportive of the emotions that may affect the mucosa of the lung such as rejection, loss, betrayal and fear this formula should be supported by the relevant constitutional Phytob Heart Power Formula. 

Our belief is that the immune system is utterly controlled by emotions and the heart is the seat of all emotion. Supporting the heart with green plants allows our innate immune system to recover from even serious complications.

Moss Ivy acts a shield against airborne invasion by supporting and normalising the emotions that impact on the function of megakaryocytes.

IVY Flower Essence enables spiritual belief and stimulates the feelings of warmth and loving kindness. Enabling us to understand that we are never alone and always loved and supported by our guardian angels.  Ivy Flower defends deep emotional trauma that has not been confronted and would therefore cause heart-ache and heart problems such as emotional heart block. When we are not able to come to terms with life’s disappointments and sad situations we suffer with heart-break and heart-ache and this would lead to pains that occur in the heart area.

This formula is best supported by the relevant constitutional Phytobiophysics® Heart Power Formula.

The heart is the fulcrum of the energy flow through the body. Every experience, every emotion and all of life’s daily expectations and occurrences have a subtle yet profound effect on the heartbeat and the flow of blood through the heart.

The four chambers of the heart relate to the four quarters of the body, the four corners of the earth. The four valves of the heart are the gateways through these chambers.  Each quadrant of the heart is separated by a valve and it is these valves that control the flow of energy through the heart. The function of the valves is impaired by negative emotions, which lead to creating patterns of disease and tendencies to inherent disorders. A childhood wound may damage on a spiritual level. This manifests as a deep lesion that has a long-term disturbing effect on a specific valve of the heart and therefore all the corresponding organs. Positive emotions create healing on all levels of our journey. As we travel through life we have a choice to recover from tragedies through love and understanding, or we may take the negative attitude leading to further trauma and disease.

The journey to recovery is an individual journey and yet there is a pattern to life on all levels of consciousness.

Green is a vital colour for enhancing the immune system, lymphocytes and the lymphatic circulation.

Green balances all traumas caused by the emotion of love and green flowers help to assuage the emotions of sadness, betrayal and rejection that so often lead to bitterness, lowered immunity and cancerous conditions. Breast cancer is often related to emotional trauma.

Green helps one to forgive and feel love.

 We live on a coloured planet and green is the colour of the plants. Chlorophyll is the life blood of plants and this amazing energy supports LIFE as not only do we depend on plants for food and succour but plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out vital oxygen to support us. The plants, Moss that covers the floor of the jungles and rain forests, leaves, trees and grass are often described as the lungs of the planet. When we cut down the trees there will be no rain and no oxygen to keep us alive.

what is absolutly vital is to support the function of the Megakaryiocytes in the lungs and our vital stem cells to activate the production of protective blood platelets. The stem cell Megakaryocytes in the lungs are pre cursor stem cells that feed back into the bone marow to support the release of vital blood cells for the immune system.

/documents/files/Megakarioctyes precursor stem cells(2).pdf

/documents/files/Covid 19 and Blood clotting(1).pdf


Moss ferns and lycopods are masters of suspended animation, you can dry them out completely, subject them to heats of 70 0C (twice as hot as our recent summer heat wave) and on applying water, they will spring back into vibrant life again. (Dried museum specimens, have on occasion, been brought back to life after many years storage, by the simple application of a few drops of water.)
Mosses will grow in deep, dense forests and caves, in light intensities too low for any other green plants to survive. In places like the high Arctic, they are one of the few plant forms that can survive the devastating coldness. Miraculous indeed!
Together with the related liverworts, mosses make up a group of plants known collectively as ‘Bryophytes’. This is a group of non-flowering plants which are considered to be fairly simple in evolutionary terms. Compared to Flowering Plants, such as daisies or dandelions, they have a much less organised structure. They have no true roots and the leaves are only a few cells thick.

They are the oldest recorded life form on the planet. Millions of years old and are frequently seen as fossils.Mosses are an amazingly resilient and versatile group of plants. They range from microscopic discolourations on the soil to great shaggy knee-high carpets. They can be found in just about every habitat you can think of, from deserts to streams and from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Researched to support the pre curser stem cells in the lungs called Megakariocytes that activate and produce blood platelets and feed back to the stem cells of the bone marrow to activate the immune system,

I am so excited by the mosses that we found in Sarawak and also the Gullies of Barbados. Several years ago on one our wonderful Jersey Training course 'The Course of Grace', one of our practitioners called Anne found this beautiful moss growing on the sacred Dolmen. Research showed that this moss supported the Alveolar macrophage of the Lungs. the immune system of breathing. Further research with both Gunong Mulu moss and also the moss lycopod found in the gullies of Barbados has shown an even more powerful benefit- the absolutely remarkable activity of the stem cells of the blood platelets called the Megakariocytes. There is no doubt that moss has powerful healing powers for the lungs. Interesting that Homeopathic Lycopodium has been used for centuries to treat Pneumonia.

There is no doubt that isolation has always been considered to be one of the most aggressive punishments. Whilst self- isolation to protect the spread of Covid 19 virus is vitally important there is no doubt in my mind that there is a price to pay.




The trauma of isolation is supported by Lichen essences.

Lichens have always been the main support for Relationships.

The wise old souls of the plant kingdom.
Essences made from fungi and lichens are sacred.
Lichens are the oldest plants on the planet, sometimes thousands of years old. Lichens are sensitive to energetic field forces and they thrive in ancient forests, on sacred sites such as Dolmens, standing stones, churches and churchyards. Lichens are regarded as barometers to the atmosphere as they survive in clean air and tend to die in atmospheric pollution.

Lichens are made up of two plants, fungus and algae that grow together.
The two life forms provide each other with the necessities of life so that each may benefit. Just like people in a relationship. The algae contains the green pigment chlorophyll and is able to make sugars by photosynthesis. It shares these sugars with the fungus.

The hyphae of the fungus grow around the algae cells to protect them and prevent them from drying out but may also digest some of the algae. The fungus gives the lichen its shape but cannot live alone, whilst the alga can.

Spiritual Support: Lichens are made up of two plants that represent a love affair, a marriage or a partnership between two people, each partner offering something to the other.
The giving and taking of a partnership. When one person in a relationship does all the giving and the other takes but does not give, the relationship ceases to thrive. Whilst also one person in a relationship is absent or cruel this creates further destruction of loneliness and loss of hope. The lichens are ancient plants and they support us on a deeply spiritual level, even dealing with the miasm of family patterns, the inherited circumstances in our lives.

For example, White Lichen supports the parent and child, grandparent and grandchild relationships.
I have already had so many sad cries for help from people who are suffering the agonising loneliness of not being able to see their grandchildren.

We have two lines of relationships that form a cross.
The silver thread relationships are our family and our ancestry. This is referred to as ‘The Family Tree’ stretching back in time.

The spiritual relationships that we form in life are those of choice. The best friend, husband or wife or partnerships. One provides and the other supports.

Fascinatingly lichens are made of two plants, the fungus cannot survive on its own but the algae can and this reminds me of the strength needed for a person to survive the absence of loved ones, void of love, loss of their partner either through death or desertion or enforced isolation.

There are so many ways to heal broken relationships but Lichen give us that powerful spiritual gift to help us to say sorry and forgive.

The physical repercussion of the void of people around us, isolation may lead to a severe breakdown of the immune system and the ability to fight off virus.

the new formula called EDS Moss Ivy is made from powerful rare white and jade Lichen as well as Moss and Ivy Blossom



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