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Green Ivy Flower

This vital Energy Defence Support pack is offered to families for a safe first line of defense and to encourage the innate immune system to activate throughout the winter months. Each 1.5ml bottle contains approximately 30 pilules.


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Green Ivy Flower

Green is the colour of life and love.  Green is the colour of the heart and lungs.

The heart is the fulcrum of the energy flow through the body. Every experience, every emotion and all of life’s daily expectations and occurrences have a subtle yet profound effect on the heartbeat and the flow of blood through the heart.

The four chambers of the heart relate to the four quarters of the body, the four corners of the earth. The four valves of the heart are the gateways through these chambers.  Each quadrant of the heart is separated by a valve and it is these valves that control the flow of energy through the heart. The function of the valves is impaired by negative emotions, which lead to creating patterns of disease and tendencies to inherent disorders. A childhood wound may damage on a spiritual level. This manifests as a deep lesion that has a long-term disturbing effect on a specific valve of the heart and therefore all the corresponding organs. Positive emotions create healing on all levels of our journey. As we travel through life we have a choice to recover from tragedies through love and understanding, or we may take the negative attitude leading to further trauma and disease.

The journey to recovery is an individual journey and yet there is a pattern to life on all levels of consciousness.



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The Mossop Philosophy Phytobiophysics® Imun.C  2021. The six Flower Formulas have been especially researched and combined to activate the meridian systems associated with the immune system and to encourage the body’s own innate immune system to activate as a preventative measure.

Recently research into supporting the immune system against the latest viral epidemics has led to creating new research and upgrading of all the formulas in the EDS.C pack 

Moss research from both Gunong Mulu and Barbados has been particulraly relavant 

Green is a vital colour for enhancing the immune system, lymphocytes and the lymphatic circulation.

Green balances all traumas caused by the emotion of love and green flowers help to assuage the emotions of sadness, betrayal and rejection that so often lead to bitterness, lowered immunity and cancerous conditions. Breast cancer is often related to emotional trauma.

Green helps one to forgive and feel love.

 We live on a coloured planet and green is the colour of the plants. Chlorophyll is the life blood of plants and this amazing energy supports LIFE as not only do we depend on plants for food and succour but plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out vital oxygen to support us. The plants, mosses, leaves, trees and grass are often described as the lungs of the planet. When we cut down the trees there will be no rain and no oxygen to keep us alive.

Moss Lycopods/documents/files/moss(3).pdf

Ivy Flower  for love grief and sorrow 

Spiritual Level: Belief.

Emotional level: Loving, warm-natured, kind and special. A sense that we are never alone and always loved and supported by our guardian angels.  

Trauma:  Wanting to believe but not trusting totally. Praying but unable to commit oneself fully. Praying only when in need, forgetting that we are never alone, especially when we are feeling sorrowful. 

Deep emotional trauma, which has not been confronted and causes heart-ache and heart problems. Emotional heart block. Unable to come to terms with life’s disappointments and sad situations.

Grief and sorrow, unable to come to terms with bereavement. 

Mourning the loss of loved ones but not coming to terms with the loss.

All heart-break and heart-ache and any situation where pains occur in the heart area.

Repercussions on the Physical Level: Heart: Heart block, fibrillation, stenosis and valve incompetence, infective endocarditis, angina, heartburn and stitch.


Each little vial contains approximately 30 pillules. For personal use take one pill from the first vial - Formula 1 Flu '2020 - daily for one month. Then after a month continue with the second vial - 2 ICSH '2020 - and so on until all six formulas are finished. This is a six- month treatment.  [1 formula daily per month as a 6 month therapy]

In order to support the whole family including pets,  the formula may be made into a drink by placing one pill from one formula into a liquid such as water, milk or fresh juice etc.  This is then taken by all members of the family. Once the pills from the first formula have been consumed in this manner over the course of thirty days, the treatment then moves on to the second formula in the Imu '2020 pack.




EDS IMU.C  1 FLU 2022-23:   Green Flower Formula supports the Lung and Heart Meridians 


First stage of infection: the winter viruses are airborne. 

Change of climate.

Winter flu vaccines made from Live attenuated virus may shed into the environment.

September school vaccination programme.

The flu vaccine which is changed each year according to prediction.

PV24 (Pneumovax 24)

The H1N1 Swine Flu vaccines   [4 different strains]

Basophils activate to trigger Histamine and Thymopoetin /T8 Suppressor cells and Thymosin Beta [antibodies] to upgraded with support for the Simian Virus 3 [glandular fevers] and also the Auditory pathway. 


Upgraded with Moss Ivy Formula supporting DNA Mitral.



Exhaustion, aching along with all of the usual symptoms of influenza. ear ache dizzy spells


M.E., earache, headache, dizzy spells.  Epstein Barre and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

How to support: eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and keep warm, early to bed and minimise Wifi and internet use. 


EDS IMU.C 2 ICSH  2022-23:  Storksbill Flower Formula supports the Triple warmer / Sanjiou Meridian 

upgraded to support RNA Tri-cusped.


2nd stage of infection

The Mucous membranes activate as a first line of defence.

The virus has penetrated the mucous membranes, sinuses and tonsils, lymphatic system and spleen, and the blood plasma.

Thymosin Alpha activates to fight infection.  

THE ALKALINE PATHWAY BREAKS DOWN. Upgraded with Sphenoid Sinuses and lingual tonsils formulas.  


Post viral symptoms often occur as inflammation.  


Upgraded with Storksbill Formula 



Sinusitis and tonsillitis, mucous congestion, sneezing and coughing.    



How to support: Use tissues and wash hands frequently. During the infectious stage of infection stay at home and rest. drink plenty of fluids tale supplments of vit D and eat fresh fruit to ensure a high level of Vitamin C. 


EDS 3 BM 2022-23: Red Flower Formula supports the Pericardium Meridian


3rd stage of the immune system activation. formula upgraded to support symptoms of excessive radiation,


Haemoglobin and blood platelets activate. Thymus, thymulin activated to trigger hypoxia -

the breakdown of old blood cells and the release of new blood cells. The spleen RES activates to support the immune system. Upgraded with the pain pathway made from the essence of Mahogany and essence of Infra Red Gladioli. 

upgraded with Malta Opium Poppy essence 

upgraded with Mahogany Pain Pathway. 



Exhaustion, anaemia, pallid complexion, dry skin, black circles under the eyes. 


Hypochromic anaemia. Ferratin problems such as haemacromatosis. Skin dryness and itching particularly on the scalp on the back of the head.

Formula upgarded to support excessive radiation 



EDS 4 WBC 2022-23:  White and Green Flower Formula supports the Lung Meridian 

4th stage of infection

link for EDS 4 WBC :


Monocytes - Macrophage system (the active internal immune system of organs).

Lymphatic system.


Upgraded with  Gustatory pathway and Silica Alveolar research. .

Upgraded with Egyptian Spino de Christo essence 



Significantly depleted immune system.

Exhaustion, aches and pains. Digestive insufficency

Weight gain for no apparent reason.


How to support: take supplements such as Vit D Omega 3 and Sea Buckthorn Omega 7. Essential Fatty acids to support the production of white blood cells 


EDS 5 PV23 2022-23: White and Green Flower Formula supports the Governor and Lung Meridians


Right-sided symptoms:

Thymosin Alpha active respiratory system. Upgraded with SV4 Pneum formula.

Upgraded with Malta Olive Flower essence.




Asthma, pneumonia, bronchial and respiratory difficulties. An inability to catch one's breath.

A sense of fear and foreboding.

Vulnerable to pre-cancerous/malignant conditions.

Vulnerability of the elderly and premature babies.

Prone to ME and in serious cases HIV and auto-immune conditions. 



EDS 6 SPX 2022-23: Ultra violet and Violet Flower Formula for the support of the Governor and Conception Meridians 




Central Nervous System Eyesight 

Miasm - Old taints

Upgraded with sight pathway. 


SYMPTOMS: Arthritis, aches, pains.

Migraines, headaches.  

Eyesight disorders.





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