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EDS 5 Campion

Red Campion

this powerful support formula creates a shield against contagious diseases and infections and chemical toxicity but from a spiritual point of view it supports loneliness, bereavement and betrayal.


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Red Campion


Ultraviolet treats spiritual, emotional and psychological Trauma.

ULTRAVIOLET flowers vibrate on a high frequency, beyond the visible colour spectrum. Ultraviolet is very spiritual and has a specific action on the pituitary gland. The energy of ultraviolet flowers is valuable for treating spiritual and emotional trauma and hyperactivity.

Because Ultraviolet is not visible to the human eye, flowers that vibrate on this frequency appear to us as PINK.

Ultraviolet flowers are valuable for alleviating trauma as they stimulate the production of brain hormones: Encephalon; endorphin; Brain Substance P Factor and Angiotensin. These are the calming brain hormones that support adrenalin and nor-adrenalin.  Hyperactivity is the result of a deficiency of this vital high frequency light energy. UV has a calming effect on the brain.

Ultraviolet essences antidote the toxic effect of chemicals that trap in the brain and cause agitation and hyperactivity.

Stress • Radiation • Migraine • Addiction • Hyperactivity • Chemical pollution in the brain





RED CAMPION Silene Dioica   Caryophyllaceae


Collection time: June to September.

Spiritual level: Beloved.

Emotional level: Unconditional love. Easily makes friends and is very sweet with people, usually very popular and loved by all.

Trauma: Spiritually bereft, lonely, in a spiritual vacuum; desperately lonely and in need of love; lonely in a crowd or a marriage.

  Suffering with a sensation that one is in a vacuum or a bubble which is a different density to the surrounding environment. The unwanted baby in the womb.

  Lack of emotional support. Single parent family. Feelings of loneliness as a result of divorce or loss. Unable to connect with other people. Nothing to lean against. No one to turn to in times of need.

Emotional blackmail. Easily infatuated and may read too much into situations. This essence supports you when you suffer with low self-esteem and may imagine yourself in love after very short acquaintanceship and you may over- react to emotional situations because of a longing to be loved.

This harmoniser helps to create a balanced attitude towards relationships and allows us to have healthy friendships that develop normally and without emotional blackmail. It also allows us to recognise our true worth.

Repercussions on the Physical level: Supports one after exposure to radiation and chemotherapy or anaesthetic.  Supports post operational stress and stimulates healing processes.

Antidote: Barium; Salt; Sodium Chloride; Gas; Petrol; Lindane.

MARITIME CAMPION Silene Maritima  Francineacae


Collection time: May to July.

Spiritual level:  Spiritual equality. The spiritual bond of siblings

Emotional level:  Philia; brothers and sisters. Fair, straight and very honourable.

A strong and loving family bond

Trauma: Sibling rivalry and jealousy, or the victim of rivalry. Family quarrels.

Resentful and jealous. Angry with the world, feeling that everything is unjust and that the world owes one something. Very jealous and will often resent people who are better off. Victim of rivalry, jealousy and rage.  Feeling empty and unloved which creates patterns of self-hampering.  Searching for approval but finding it difficult to see things through.  Desolation, isolation and disillusionment.

Repercussions on the Physical Level: Palatine, Laryngeal and Tubal Tonsils. Glandular fever, swollen glands and fever.

This harmoniser has a stimulating action on the T4 cells of the Thymus gland.

Antidote:  Immune system break down as a result of emotional issues

support Glandular Fever, Epstein Barr Virus, Coxsackie A7. Guillam Barr Syndrome


EDS5 supports the spiritual energy of being unconditionally loved. Making friends and being gentle and sweet natured is vitally important. This kind interaction leads to popularity and being loved by all.  The tragedy of modern society is that many people feel fearful and angry and suffer from isolation and a deep sense of spiritual bereavement, loss and loneliness.

EDS5 defends us against the trauma of feeling spiritually bereft, desperately lonely and in need of love. Isolation leads to a sense of loneliness and that one is in a spiritual vacuum.

Loneliness is one of the most debilitating feelings. One can even feel lonely in a crowd, a playground or a marriage. Lack of emotional support such as the struggle of coping as a single parent family or the tragedy of being elderly with no one to turn to in times of need. That sense of feeling unwanted and unloved can have very serious repercussions in the function of the heart causing many complex physical conditions. 

 By defending us against these sad emotions Campion has a powerful healing power on this deeply spiritual level

When we are trapped and lonely this may impact on our liver and our ability to eliminate harmful chemicals and toxins both environmental and emotional.


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