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EDS 3 Maltese Poppy

Maltese Poppy

EDS3 Maltese Poppy has been researched and upgraded to support the emotion of fear and despondency, isolation and unhappiness/


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Maltese Poppy

stunning beautiful and beautiful Opium Poppy has powerful healing properties. Of course the most well known is the capacity to support pain and the endorphin production. 


EDS 3 BM 2021: Infra Red and Red Flower Formula supports the Pericardium Meridian



Phytobiophysics EDS 3 Part 1: White Lichen - YouTube











3rd stage of the immune system activation. Formula upgraded to support symptoms of excessive radiation.


Haemoglobin and blood platelets activate. Thymus, thymulin activated to trigger hypoxia -

the breakdown of old blood cells and the release of new blood cells. The spleen RES activates to support the immune system.



Upgraded with the White lichen formulas.



Upgraded with the pain pathway made from the essence of Mahogany and essence of Infra Red Gladioli. 

Upgraded with Malta Opium Poppy essence 



SYMPTOMS of the third stage of infection:


Exhaustion, anaemia, pallid complexion, dry skin, black circles under the eyes. 


Hyochromic anaemia. Ferratin problems such as haemacromatosis.

Skin dryness and itching particularly on the scalp on the back of the head.

Formula upgraded to support excessive radiation 


Infra-red energy is grounding and stabilising but resonates on the frequency of the bone marrow, the inner core of the body, the pupil of the eye, the optic nerve and the inner core of the spinal cord. Stunning and beautiful Maltese Poppy has been researched and upgraded to support the emotion of fear and despondency, isolation and unhappiness Maltese Opium Poppy has powerful healing properties. Of course, the most well-known is the capacity of Poppy to support pain and the endorphin production.  Poppy supports the Pericardium circulatory meridian stimulating the production of stem cells in the bone marrow.

EDS3 supports our Spiritual gifts of ancestral inheritance. Inherited constitution  of personality.  DNA such as the colour of one’s hair, skin and eyes. Vibrating on the frequency of the bone marrow and the Stem Cells.  

Trauma caused by our ancestral memories create fascinating patterns in our lives. Our physiology, abilities and personality are attributed to our inheritance from our ancestors. These ancestral gifts are in the memory codes of our RNA and DNA. Damage on this level is very destructive and may well impact on our abilities leading to complex damage such as ADHD and autism  Sometimes we talk of past lives and I believe that as well as inheriting gifts and attributes we may also inherit sad and difficult memories from our ancestors lives, even going back in time for centuries.

Maltese Poppy heals and supports us on this very deep level.




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