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Bk2 The Power of Plants

Power of Plants


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The Power of Plants was the first book to be written by Professor Diana Mossop and it was fisrt published in 1997. This text book is used together with the 100 hedgerow Elemental Flower essences and the Extra Hedgerow essences.


A definitive guide to the extroadinary healing power of the wild flowers of the Hedgerows and countryside. Flowers and plants heal on all levels of conciousness: Spiritual, Mental, emotional and Physical.


'Flowers and plants are so beautiful. They fill our lives with joy and love. When plants and flowers cease to exist there will no longer be life on the planet.' 'As the world is becoming more chemically polluted it is amazing to see that it is often the most chemically polluted and damaged fields that have an abundance of life in them. After a storm or a cold winter, the trees and plants spring to life with powerful strength, reviitalising the land and the air. This is natures way of redressing imbalance.

I believe that not only do plants and flowers have astonishing untapped healing powers but that the plants and flowers that grow in our nvironment have developed an immunity to the pollution and problems of the environment. When energy from these plants is harnessed and used as a remedy, this captured immunity can be passed onto us to harmonise our immune deficiencies.


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