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BK4 Flip Chart Guide

flip Guide to Complete Harmony

A Guide to the Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas a colouful flip chart that enables you to easily identify your required formula.


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Phytobiophyiscs Flower Formulas Follow the principle of the Meridians and the colours of the rainbow through the Chakra system

Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas

Deal with causes.

Stabilise and harmonize emotional sadness and trauma which then enables recovery from related physical disorders.

Encourage the body’s own innate ability to heal or to balance on a very profound level.

By freeing stress in the body allow a release of toxicity such as poisons and toxins of modern society.

Enable the body to assimilate vital nutrients.


Natural, non surgical and drug free

Free of additives

Non addictive, non-invasive and non- manipulative

Safe for babies, children, elderly and also for pets

Harmless and no side effects





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Emotional Harmony

No Problemss for this product

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