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Bk1 A. Island Flower Essences by Diana Mossop

Diana Mossop

This beautiful book by Diana Mossop describes the Powerful Medicinal Properties of wild hedgerow flowers and coastal plants. If you love flowers, you will be fascinated to learn about their healing powers. The book has been illustrated with stunning photo


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Wild Flowers Shepherds Purse

Diana Mossop


The Vibrational Power of Plants 

by Diana Mossop

Nature has all the Answers



Faith and Belief

It is my belief that all disease stems from a sickness of the soul. 

Flower and Plant Essences are made from the light energy emitted by the plant, captured in pure water. They are vibrational and contain no toxic substance. They never do harm and support us on the highest spiritual level, enlightening our hearts and souls. It is therefore no wonder that they offer such spectacular healing.

Writing this book has been a joy for me, as it has taken me back to the exquisite memories of my childhood.

I remember the fascination of country walks that I was taken on by my Grandmother in Shropshire. She would go down on her hands and knees and point out the beautiful flowers. Her special favourite was a tiny little star in the hedgerow.

“This, Diana, is God’s special little flower, it is called Shepherds Purse. Just look at the little purse. God has filled it with treasures for the fairies.“ 

There is no doubt that the treasure that this tiny Shepherd’s Purse flower offers, is its healing powers for our immune system disorders that occur whenever we are hurt and vulnerable.

We never forget those special moments with our Grandparents. I have always tried to follow her example and offer that same sacred and magical gift to all the many children that I care for and especially, but not only, my own grandchildren.

I hope that you will find this journey through my book equally inspiring.  I also hope that it will give you a new insight into the extraordinary power and bounty of our beautiful countryside.

Diana Mossop




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The Powerful Medicinal Properties of the

 Channel Island Hedgerow Flowers and Coastal Plants


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If you love wild flowers, you will be fascinated by this beautiful book as it will give you an amazing insight into their healing powers.

Diana Mossop has dedicated her life to studying the links with our hearts and minds and our physical bodies.  There is no doubt in her mind that when we have been hurt and spiritually wounded, the negative impact on our bodies is indisputable.  She believes that flowers have astonishing healing powers

“It is my belief that all disease stems from a sickness of the soul.  Flower Essences are made from light energy of the plant captured in pure water. They are vibrational and contain no toxic substance. They never do harm and they support us on the highest spiritual level, enlightening our hearts and souls. It is therefore no wonder that they offer such spectacular healing.”

Island Essences is currently being printed and will only be available from 19th December.
Although I am a ‘Jersey Girl’, I have travelled to many remote and beautiful parts of the world. I am a plant collector. My mission is to heal people and I have dedicated my life to the search for healing plants, to fulfil this pledge. I have collected hundreds of thousands of Flower and Plant Essences from all over the world.
From the primary jungle of Pahang in Malaysia, the deserts of the Sahara, to the astonishingly beautiful waterfalls of Iguacu in Brazil, I have found rare plants that offer healing on a deeply powerful level.
But I always come home to Jersey in The Channel Islands. Perhaps we do not realise that the most beautiful flower essence healers are often the most humble little flowers that grow between the cracks of the paving stones just outside our doorsteps.
Flower essences - the most sophisticated medicine on this planet! If you can understand that from a little seed a mighty tree can grow, then it may be easier to believe the possibility that a drop of water charged with the vibrational frequency of a plant, can offer healing on a profound level.


The first two Chapters of 'Island Essences' discuss the fascinating philosophy and science of Plant Essences. 

In Chapter Three this beautiful self-help book explains how you can make your own flower essences from the wild flowers around you. 

Making Flower essences.  How to set about to make your own essence. 

One of the most exciting aspects of flower essences is that anyone can make one.

A flower, water, sunshine and a glass container are all that is needed to make a powerful and personal flower essence. The intention to create something special is really the most important ingredient. I have always been fascinated that children often make the most magical essences but there are some important rules that need to be followed.

The really exciting aspect of making essences is that it is possible to use any part of a plant, but flowers are so beautiful and hold the key to the support of spiritual and emotional issues, whilst bark, lichen, nuts and seeds often have more physical benefits.

The first simple rule is to think about what you require from your essence.

Are you feeling sad or do you have a more physical condition? Remember that a physical condition is probably the result of an emotional

issue that needs to be addressed. The colour of your flower has specific healing benefits in relationship to the chakra system, so if you

follow the map with regard to choosing a flower this may be the best way to start.

The remaining chapters are an in depth study into the healing power of plants, flowers, nuts. seed, lichen, fungi and seaweeds.


Chapter 1   The Healers of the Planet 11
Chapter 2   The Science of Vibrational Essences 26
Chapter 3   Making Flower Essences 38
Chapter 4   White Flowers 48
Chapter 5   Ultra Violet Flowers 380nm 58
Chapter 6   Violet Flowers 423nm 66
Chapter 7   Indigo Flowers 449nm 76
Chapter 8   Indigo Yellow Flowers 88
Chapter 9   Blue Flowers 475nm 94
Chapter 10 Green Flowers 512nm 104
Chapter 11 Yellow Flowers 573nm 118
Chapter 12 Orange Flowers 607nm 130
Chapter 13 Red Flowers 680nm 140
Chapter 14 Infra Red Flowers 770nm 150
Chapter 15 Arum Lilies 158
Chapter 16 Berries, Seeds, Nuts & Fircones 168
Chapter 17 Lichens & Fungi 182
Chapter 18 Seaweed 194


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