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AS Feline Support Box

Feline Support

Feline Support is a very special pack of 5 Flower Formulas carefully research to support your kitten or cat during the vaccination programe.


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Phytobiophysics® Flower Formulas - The Mossop Philosophy. Each Feline Support Flower Formula is made from the essence of flowers and plants and contains no chemical substance. Each Feline support Flower Formula has been combined to create a resonance that assists the cat/kitten to harmonise the condition or cell system named on the formula's label.

This support kit contains 5 x 1ml bottles each containing approximately 30 pilules. These formulas may be offered to the owner to be used to treat an individual cat or kitten. Equally, an individual kit may be used to support many cats living in the one home.

By placing one pilule into your cats feed or water, your cat/kitten will be offered support. Phytobiophysics® Flower Formulas or Superfit Formulas or Equine Formulas may also be administered as required.

For practitioners, as an added assistance of support and to direct specific energy to the system, a tincture may be made up for your client by placing one pill of the tested formula into a 10ml dropper bottle containing pure water.

Drops should be administered in accordance with the needs of each individual animal.

Spiritual level: One drop daily.

Mental level: Two drops daily.

Emotional level: Three drops daily.

Physical level: Four drops daily.

Acute level: Five to six drops daily.

Shock: Every half hour during time of emergency and thereafter reduce in accordance with requirement.



Cats respond very quickly to Phytobiophysics Formulas. When an animal has been traumatised they are often in deep shock and the formulas are especially valuable at this time. They respond very quickly to vibrational formulas and we have many documented case histories of animals recovering from serious accidents, especially with SF9 Structure and SF10 Inj.Ry. Whenever your cat or kitten is being vaccinated this Feline Support kit is very valuable and ensures maximum benefit from the vaccine programme with minimum side effects. These natural, non-medical, supporting Flower formulas assist the cats own innate ability to harmonise on a subtle vibrational level and are not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.


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