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AF2 Spiritual Calm


Vibrates on the colour frequencies of violet and yellow. Eucalyptus, Magnolia, Camellia, Yew, Thistle and Dandelion. Supports: Animals/creatures that have been abandoned or suffer with separation anxiety such as change of ownership. Trauma of change o


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Ultra Violet and Violet plants


Ultra Violet pink and Violet plants vibrate on a very high frquency  and have the power to heal spiritual issues that manifest as truma hyperactivity and stress.


AF2 Spiritual Calm is the most important formula for animals that have suffered from abuse and neglect that may result in trauma and distress. Animals that have been brutalised and truamatised may even present anxiety traits such as horses that kick out or crib-bite, or dogs that bark or become ferocious as a defense mechanism.

A perfect example of the vital requirement for this formula would be in situations of the abuse of farm animals, perhaps where they are kept in very crowded and unnatural conditions such as battery farming, or dogs that are confined or tethered for too long. 

Animals that are neglected, bullied or victimised.

Animals that have been trained as fighting animals or even police dogs etc.

Valuable to support accidents and trauma of any kind.

Valuable to support stressed animals or rescue animals .



This is a very valuable formula for animals that have been brutalised, bullied or badly treated and it is supportive of creatures that are anxious and traumatised .


Supports the Brain, Pituitary, Spinal Cord, Back, Head.

•Separation anxiety/Change of ownership
•Trauma of change of circumstance
•Anxiety, Stress
•Confinement restrictions
•Snapping / violent / aggressive
•Scratching,  skin irritation
•Horses crib biting/ wind sucking/ box walking
•Dogs/cats stress related dietary loss of appetite


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