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AF4 Emotional Imun.T

Animal Formula 4 Emotional Imun.T is a profoundly powerful formula for the support of animals that have been heart broken. There is no doubt that animals offer unconditional love. If animals suffer because of grief or sorrow they often fall ill.


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AF4 Emotional Imun.T

These stunning trees that flower in November in Sydney have extraodinary healing powers for the support of deep emotional issues.


Mitral Constitution.
ANS and Immune System Hormones.
Redwood, Orchid, Rosemary formula.
Vibrates of the colour frequencies of indigo, blue and brown.
Animals are very loving and they often give you their unconditional love. Abuse of animals can lead to sadness, emotional depression and deep grief.
Emotional trauma often leads to a breakdown of the immune system.
Emotional depression
Autonomic nervous and immune systems
Lack of exercise
Horses: laminitis
Anaphylactic shock




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Emotional Harmony

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