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Mini Complete harmony

FF Complete Harmony Mini Test Kit

'Mini Complete harmony is a valuable Test kit for practitioners However if you love the Flower Formulas , Mini Harmony is an ideal Home or Travel pack '


Complete Harmony

FF Complete Harmony

'Complete Harmony Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas FF1-20. Complete Harmony is a pack of all 20 Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas. '


Flower Formula FF1 Lotus

FF1 Lotus

'Vitality Star'


Flower Formula FF2 White Rose

FF2 White Rose

'Star White'



FF3 Pink Camellia

'Spiritual Ease'



FF4 Thistle



FF5 Nighshade

FF5 Nightshade



FF6 Phacelia

FF6 Phacelia

'Clear Senses'


FF7 Orchid

FF7 Orchid

'Cool Clam'



FF8 Rosemary



FF9 Bluebell

FF9 Bluebell



FF10 Nicotiana

FF10 Nicotiana

'Breath of life'


FF11 Hawthron

FF11 Hawthorn

'Heartache Flower Formula FF11 Hawthorn " Heartache" supports emotional sadness, loss, grief. , Pain of mourning and all circumstance linked with the emotion of lost love.'



FF12 Dandelion



FF13 Eveneing Primrose

FF13 Evening Primrose



FF14 Daffodil

FF14 Daffodil

'Skin Beauty'


FF15 Yellow Foxglove

FF15 Yellow Foxglove

'FF15 Yellow Foxglove "Sugar Bal"'


FF16 Daisy

FF16 Daisy

'FF16 Daisy - 'Repro''


FF17 Arum Lily

FF17 Arum Lily

'Arum Lily '


FF18 Poppy

FF18 Poppy




FF19 Red Chrysanthemum

'Motion Flow'


FF20 Red Anemone

FF20 Red Anemone



SF Test Kit

SF Superfit Test Kit

'Mini /Test Kit Phytobiophysics Superfit Tree Formulas This valuable SF travel pack can also be used by practitioners as a test Kit. '


BioQuinone Gold 100mg 60 + Free seleniumcaps

Bio-QuinoneQ10 GOLD - 100mg +Free Seleno Precis

'Bio-Quinone Q10 GOLD - 100mg (Ubiquinone) (Pharma Nord) +Free Seleno Precis. Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiqinone) is a vitamin-like substance which plays a vital role in the body's energy supply mechanism, acting in conjunction with enzymes (hence the name coenzyme Q10) to convert sugars and fat into energy. '


Diana Mossop

Bk1 A. Island Flower Essences by Diana Mossop

'Island Flower Essences The Vibrational Power of Plants By Diana Mossop '


Bio Culture

Bio Culture

'Acidophilus Probiotic with Lactobacillus complements the friendly bacteria in your stomach to aid digestion.'


Birthing Harmony

BH Birthing Harmony

'Birthing Harmony'


Guide Phytobiophysics

Bk3 Booklet Guide to the Flower Formulas [A5]

'Guide to Flower Formulas'


Canine Support Box

AS Canine Support

'Canine Support for the support of Puppies and dogs '


Beautiful Child

Childhood Harmony Patient

'Childhood Harmony is a pack of 13 Flower Essence Formulas that support babies and little children throughout the early '


Green Ivy Flower


'The Mossop Philosophy Phytobiophysics® EDS Imu 2022-23. This pack of six Flower Formulas has been carefully researched to re-balance the energy meridians that support the normal function of the immune system. Each year the formulas are upgraded in order to specifically encourage the normal function of the immune system to fight against the latest viral trends. '



EDS 2 EDS 2 Storksbill

'When infected with a virus the body goes into an inflammatory state, sinuses become inflamed, and the mucous systems activate through the white blood cells called Eosinophils as the first line of defense. '


Maltese Poppy

EDS 3 EDS 3 Maltese Poppy

'EDS3 Maltese Poppy. this powerful formula supports the energy of Infra Red. This deep and powerful energy plays a role in stabilising the electro-magnetic field forces vital for the support of the bone marrow and the pericardium Meridian - the circulatory system. '



EDS 4 EDS 4 Snowdrop Formula

'EDS4 Snowdrop Formula supports balance and Harmony, bringing calm and stability and restoring blood pressure to normality. '


Red Campion

EDS 5 EDS 5 Campion

'EDS 5 Campion Formula acts as a shield against spiritual aggression. Fear, loneliness, bereavement, isolation are all feelings that have been dominating peoples lives. Campion is a defence against these negative forces. '


EDS Test Kit


'The Institute of Phytobiophysics has produced a range of FIVE unique Vibrational plant formulas which support and normalize the body’s own innate immune system. They support emotions and are not intended to treat or cure any medical condition'


Moss Lycopod

EDS 1 EDS1 Moss Ivy



Feline Support

AS Feline Support Box

'Support for cats and kittens especially during the vaccine programme'


FSF1 Oak

FSF1 Florarbor 1 Oak

'Superfit Tree Formula 1 is made from Oak essence and is the most powerful supporter of the heart Meridian '


FSF2 Eucalyptus

FSF2 Florarbor 2 Eucalyptus

'To be relaxed before exercise is to be supple and co-ordinated, yet alert. A measure of calm is needed for all aspects of life even in the middle of strenuous exercise.'


FSF3 Magnolia

FSF3 Florarbor 3 Magnolia

'FSF3 Magnolia. This beautiful powerful Violet energy supports our brain and allows us to relax and be peaceful. Violet energy is needed whenever we have difficulty with our male relationships or are concerned about our Fathers. '



FSF4 Florarbor 4 Redwood

'SF4 Imun T Redwood- the tallest trees in the world. Vibrating on the frequency of Blue. the Autonomic Limbic nervous system controlled by emotions. Emotional issues conspire to cause a breakdown in our immune systems. '


FSF5 Deodar Cedrus

FSF5 Florarbor 5 Deodar Cedrus

'FSF5 Deodar Cedrus is a powerful ancient tree of healing. referred to as the Tree of God. whenever we have been rejected or betrayed we will find it hard to breath. '


FSF6 Yew

FSF6 Florarbor 6 Yew

'FSF6 Digest Yew supports the solar plexus. A healthy balanced diet and nutrition is recognised as being one of the most complex and finely tuned responsibilities for maintaining health.'


FSF7 Spruce

FSF7 Florarbor 7 Spruce

'The future of the mankind depends on procreation and the reproduction of the species. It is therefore disturbing when statistical evidence points to a dramatically lowered sperm count over the last two decades.'


FSF8 Arbolle de Tulle

FSF8 Florarbor 8 Tulle Tree

'Puberty, menstruation, conception, pregnancy, and healthy foetal development depend on the healthy function of the endocrine system. female Repro supports women from young puberty through to menopause and beyond '


FSF9 Wild Cherry

FSF9 Florarbor 9 Wild Cherry

'Structural integrity is a vital factor in the preservation of good health. The concept that structure governs function and that structure and function are dynamically inter-related is the cornerstone of all structural modalities.'


FSF10 Pondersoa  Florarbor

FSF10 Florarbor10 Ponderosa/Silver Birch

'This formula vibrates on spiritual silver energy. Spiritual wounds are painful and often leave deep scars which affect the way we think and feel and often manifest physically.'


HP1 Peak Vitality

HP1 Heart Power 1 Peak Vitality

'HP1 Peak Vitality'



HP2 Heart Power 2 Spiritual Calm

'HP2 Spiritual Calm'



HP3 Heart Power 3 Breathe Freely

'PhytoHeartPower 3 - Breathe Freely. '


HP6 Cystern Release

HP6 Heart Power 6 Cystern release

'HP6 Cystern Release is a product that can only be used together with the correct and appropriate Heart Power Formula. It must NEVER be taken on its own, but only together with one of the 1-5 Heart Power Formulas. RECENTLY UPGRADED'



International Tracked mail

'This service is automatically included in online orders for international delivery and does not need to be selected. This is for information only.'


Omega 7

Omega 7 150 caps

'Omega 7 , Natural Sea Buckthorn Berries. A rich source of natural essential Fatty acids '


PHYTO-BREATHE Deodar Cedrus skin cream

PC PHYTO-BREATHE Deodar Cedrus skin cream

'Topical breathing support cream '




'Phyto-Nurture Roseskin cream'


Bio Quinone 30mg

Pharma Nord Bio Quinone 30mg 150 caps

'What is coenzyme Q10? Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiqinone) is a vitamin like substance which plays a vital role in the body's energy supply mechanism, '


SC1 Olive Love

SC1 Special Care 1 Olive Love

'Olive Love'


Cedar Hope

SC3 Special Care 3 Cedar Hope

'Cedar Hope'



SC4 Special Care 4 Willow Nurture

'Willow Nurture '


SC5 Apple Calm

SC5 Special Care 5 Apple Calm

'Apple Calm'


SC6 Walnut Comfort

SC6 Special Care 6 Walnut Comfort

'Walnut Comfort'


SC7 Linden Balance

SC7 Special Care 7 Linden Balance

'Linden Balance '



Super Fit Mini Kit

'Super Fit Mini Kit'



UK Special delivery

'This facility may be a valuable option for those of you who wish to expedite your order.'


Pharma Nord VitD5000iu

Vit D5000

'Pharma Nord's Vitamin D3 5000 IU (UK. 125 µg version of D-Pearls) one of the most important nutritional support supplements for our hearts, calcium absorption and for enhancing our immune system. '


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