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Metamorphosis 2019

Saturday 21 September, 2019

Metamorphosis 2019 Event

Building Bridges:  Working together on empowering individuality and community. We emphasise the overwhelming urgency for a global shift in collective consciousness through the science of classical yoga.

“ Diana Mossop of The Phytobiophysics Institute has been appointed Patron of B1 Foundation.

B1 Foundation is pleased to offer brands and companies a unique opportunity to be part of our extraordinary event- Metamorphosis 2019. This one-day festival, which will be one of the largest of its kind in Europe, will deliver a programme of classical yoga and meditation to a captive audience of 11,000 attendees. The day will include guest speakers, creative and immersive workshops, music and dance performances, delicious food and consciously selected brands. 

If you feel your brand would make a good fit and want to showcase your conscious  products, please get in touch with our team via the following email: info@b-onefoundation.org. For more on Metamorphosis 2019 and what the day will entail please consult the following link: https://www.metamorphosis2019.org/metamorphosis-2019-about-us "

“Social, national or global realities cannot be changed without working n human consciousness” - SadhguruOn 21st September 2019, to coincide with the Autumn Equinox, B1 Foundation is holding a major event in London’s iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Hopkins Fields. This one day festival will be one of the largest of its kind in Europe hosting a collective meditation of 11,000. It aims to promote Inner Wellbeing and raise Human Consciousness through the classical Science of Yoga, meditation and Creative Leadership.There has never been greater urgency for a global shift in collective consciousness.

Metamorphosis 2019 acts as a catalyst for change in communities.Metamorphosis 2019 will deliver a programme of yoga and meditation alongside an eclectic range of music, dance, stalls and nutritious food, all to raise global human consciousness. The day will draw to a close with a collective meditation of 11,000 attendees.

YOGA - Sitting at the heart of the event as the most fundamental tool for raising human consciousness.

GUEST SPEAKERS - All seekers, all leaders in their field embodying the key principles to raising human consciousness. 

for more information https://www.metamorphosis2019.org/metamorphosis-2019-about-us "

Email info@b-onefoundation.org.



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