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Super Fit Formulas

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Research by The Institute of Phytobiophysics has led to the creation of the most powerful range of vibrational tree formulas called Phytobiophysics Tree Superfit Formulas

Powerful and supportive, natural safe; contain no additives; safe for babies and children; safe for the vulnerable; do not interfere with medical prescriptions; powerful emotional support for people undergoing medical procedures.

Super Fit 2 Karm

SF2 Super Fit 2 Karm



Super Fit 3 Re*lax

SF3 Super Fit 3 Re*lax



Super Fit 5 Breathe

SF5 Super Fit 5 Breathe

'Deodar Spruce'


Super Fit 8 Female Repro

SF8 Super Fit 8 Female Repro

'Palo De Mayo / Arbolle de Tulle '


Super Fit 9 Structure

SF9 Super Fit 9 Structure

'Wild Cherry'


Super Fit 10 Inj*ry

SF10 Super Fit 10 Inj*ry

'Ponderosa Pine and Silver Birch'


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