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FF Complete Harmony Mini Test Kit Mini Complete harmony is a valuable Test kit for practitioners However if you love the Flower Formulas , Mini Harmony is an ideal Home or Travel pack £70.00 Qty:
FF Complete Harmony Complete Harmony Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas FF1-20. Complete Harmony is a pack of all 20 Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas. £176.00 Qty:
FF Booklet Guide to the Flower Formulas [A5] Guide to Flower Formulas £5.00 Qty:
FF Small Flip-chart Booklet - Guide to the FF Flower Formula Guide Colourful Mini Flip Chart Guide to the Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas i £5.00 Qty:
FF1 Lotus Vitality Star £9.99 Qty:
FF2 White Rose Star White £9.99 Qty:
FF3 Pink Camellia Spiritual Ease £9.99 Qty:
FF4 Thistle Tranquillity £9.99 Qty:
FF5 Nightshade Imu-Ace' £9.99 Qty:
FF6 Phacelia Clear Senses £9.99 Qty:
FF7 Orchid Cool Clam £9.99 Qty:
FF8 Rosemary Uplift £9.99 Qty:
FF9 Bluebell Appetite £9.99 Qty:
FF10 Nicotiana Breath of life £9.99 Qty:
FF11 Hawthorn Heartache £9.99 Qty:
FF12 Dandelion D.Tox £9.99 Qty:
FF13 Evening Primrose Relaxation £9.99 Qty:
FF14 Daffodil Skin Beauty £9.99 Qty:
FF15 Yellow Foxglove FF15 Yellow Foxglove "Sugar Bal" £9.99 Qty:
FF16 Daisy FF16 Daisy - 'Repro' £9.99 Qty:
FF17 Arum Lily Arum Lily £9.99 Qty:
FF18 Poppy Lifeblood £9.99 Qty:
FF19 Red Chrysanthemum Motion Flow £9.99 Qty:
FF20 Red Anemone Kundalini £9.99 Qty:
SF2 Super Fit 2 Karm Eucalyptus £18.99 Qty:
SF3 Super Fit 3 Re*lax Magnolia £18.99 Qty:
SF4 Super Fit 4 Imun*T Redwood Red Wood £18.99 Qty:
SF5 Super Fit 5 Breathe Deodar Spruce £18.99 Qty:
SF6 Super Fit 6 Digest Yew £18.99 Qty:
SF7 Super Fit 7 Male Fertil Spruce £18.99 Qty:
SF8 Super Fit 8 Female Repro Palo De Mayo / Arbolle de Tulle £18.99 Qty:
SF9 Super Fit 9 Structure Wild Cherry £18.99 Qty:
SF10 Super Fit 10 Inj*ry Ponderosa Pine and Silver Birch £18.99 Qty:
AF4 A Emotional Imun.T AF4 £12.90 Qty:
AF1 A Peak Vitality AF1 £12.90 Qty:
AF2 A Spiritual Calm AF2 Spiritual Calm £12.90 Qty:
BH Birthing Harmony Birthing Harmony £72.50 Qty:
AS Canine Support Canine Support for the support of Puppies and dogs £30.00 Qty:
CH Childhood Harmony Childhood Harmony £72.00 Qty:
IMU17 EDS IMU.17/18 The Mossop Philosophy Phytobiophysics® EDS Imu 17/18. These six Flower Formulas have been especially researched to re-balance the energy meridians that support the immune system. Each year the formulas are upgraded in order to specifically encourgae the immune system to fight against the latest viral trends. £30.00 Qty:
AS Feline Support Box Support for cats and kittens especially during the vaccine programme £30.00 Qty:
HP1 Heart Power 1 Peak Vitality HP1 Peak Vitality £12.90 Qty:
HP2 Heart Power 2 Spiritual Calm HP2 Spiritual Calm £12.90 Qty:
HP3 Heart Power 3 Breathe Freely PhytoHeartPower 3 - Breathe Freely. £12.90 Qty:
Mandalas For The Soul Mandalas For The Soul by Lucy Hodges The simple joy of creativity and united with a profound healing tool. Inspired by Phytobiophysics Formulas. £25.00 Qty:
PC PHYTO-BREATHE Deodar Cedrus skin cream Topical breathing support cream £25.00 Qty:
PC PHYTO-NURTURE ROSE skin Cream Phyto-Nurture Roseskin cream £24.00 Qty:
SC1 Special Care 1 Olive Love Olive Love £11.00 Qty:
SC2 Special Care 2 Oak Care Oak Care £11.00 Qty:
SC3 Special Care 3 Cedar Hope Cedar Hope £11.00 Qty:
SC4 Special Care 4 Willow Nurture Willow Nurture £11.00 Qty:
SC5 Special Care 5 Apple Calm Apple Calm £11.00 Qty:
SC6 Special Care 6 Walnut Comfort Walnut Comfort £11.00 Qty:
SC7 Special Care 7 Linden Balance Linden Balance £11.00 Qty:
SC Special Care Mini/Test Kit Special Care Formulas £40.00 Qty:
DVD1 The Essence of Life Film (DVD) Essence of Life £6.00 Qty:
The Power of Plants £25.00 Qty:
F1-20 Tropical Harmony Tropical Travel Support £71.50 Qty:

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